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a family heirloom....

Today I'm linking up with my very dear friend Jana, at the Summer House.  She and I have been friends since Ellis and her oldest Josh were in kindergarten.  We both were early for dropping off and picking up, so we had time each day together to become friends and we have been such ever since.
  Jana has a beautiful blog, (she is the one who tutors me with all things blogging and technical). 
Today  she is asking people to link up with their favorite family heirloom.

One of my very favorite heirlooms, are these pen and ink drawings,
by my grandmother.
They were done in 1919,
she would have been about 20 at the time 
and lived in Genoa Nebraska 

I don't know too much about my grandmother's early life
but I do know she always wanted to be 
an artist
but her life got in the way
as it did for many women of her generation

 Her unmet longing to be 
an artist
I believe...
left her an
unhappy women.

I have always known 
that could 
happen to me.

so years ago
I made copies of these
and framed them.

To remind myself always

that I still must be the artist within
and not let my life get in the way.

I have gotten lost along the way....

but I am once again finding my way

wishing you love and joy 
as you 
style your life

thanks so for stopping by



  1. Thanks for coming to my first link party :) I love the photos and the story behind them.
    so Jana

  2. Your grandmother was a wonderful artist! How sad that she could not persue it, I'm glad you are finding a way to fulfill your abilities and follow your dreams, dear girl.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. I see you, the artist, Tamara, and like you I am also finding my way again. I am glad that the dreams that were lost by so many women in years gone by are not forgotten and are being given new life through women today. Let's have fun together on this wild ride!