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Howlite and Bone

As I prepare for my launch of my
California Artisan Fashion Accessory Collection
I thought I would explain a bit more about it over the next couple of weeks.

My launch is made up of three Collections
that each stand on their own
but all work seamlessly together.

It's my intent to design

Accessories that help celebrate the good days ... and act as protective armor on the challenging days.

So my 

Howlite and Bone  Collection

is especially meaningful to me!

Howlite is believed by many to have
 special calming  properties
to  help reduce anxiety.

It is often considered  an important gemstone in mindful jewelry
becoming an  intentional and mindful accessory to wear.

A physical reminder of 

~ self care and love.
~ to live in the moment 
~ to Celebrate often

Howlite is also believed to ward off bad energy.

I love combining the Howlite charms with  glass pearls 
handmade bone beads  sustainably made in Africa.

I love how the neutral textures work elegantly together.
The size of the bracelet is intended to
give the wearer a feeling of not only glamour
but strength as well.

For those who prefer a less dramatic use of Howlite
I have designed this elegant beauty out of 8mm Howlite beads
 perfectly with 4 glass pearls
and finished with my sophisticated branding charm.

This beautiful bracelet works on it's own
as a powerful reminder to embrace the moment with a loving calm.

I have done the dramatic bone bracelets with several different Howlite charms.
One of the best things about these bracelets is that the charms are removable!

I design all of my pieces with the most versatility possible
because I appreciate hetting the most use out of anything in my own curated wardrobe
so of course I want to bring that concept to my own Collection!

I finish my Howlite charms with jute
to give more texture.
I just love the rough jute with the smooth, polished Howlite.
So much of my Collection is all about the little details
that contribute to the quality, handcrafted piecce.

The Howlite necklaces come on the softest cream buckskin available
which also means the necklace can be tied to any length to 
properly accommodate different necklines!

Speaking of finishing details
most of my designs come gift boxed
and wrapped with cotton twill.

When I gift give
I always love to attach a small gift on the wrapping.
So of course I want to finish my boxed designs with a small gift as well!

Each box is finished with a hand crafted pearl charm!
It's made on a lobster claw finding
so it can be repurposed onto anything after opening!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about the first part of my collection.

I have spent years designing and refining each piece.

It is my intention to create and deliver unique, quality, luxury pieces that 
"bring joy and confidence to the wearer"

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Oh this is so exciting Tamera. Thank you for taking us along on your journey. The Howlite does look beautifully smooth and calming. I particularly love the cross which is sitting on coral. It combines so well with the pearls and bone beads as well. I can't wait to see what comes next :) xoxox

    1. Patricia thank you so much for your visit here and gift of encouraging words my dear! I so appreciate your support! Sending big hugs to you in Brisbane! XOX

  2. Congratulations Tamera! I remember asking you some time ago if your work would be available to purchase and I'm so excited to see your artistry coming to fruition, letting your creations go out into the world. I look forward to the next installment. Your photos and presentation are stunningly beautiful.

    1. Elizabeth so lovely to have a visit here from you! Thank you so much for your sweet, encouraging words! They touch my heart!!

  3. Tamera, these are lovely and so are the outfits -- love so much when you do the white/off-white/cream combinations that look so full of depth. You're looking wonderful!

    1. Hello Beth! thank you so much for visiting here and your sweet gift of encouraging words!

  4. As always, your styling is superb! Would you be so kind to let us know where to buy , for instance, the woolen pants?

    1. Ammarie thank you so much my dear! both the pants and the sweater in the opening shot are from Anthropologie.