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End of Summer Backyard Party

This summer our son Hunter and his family
moved back here to Southern California from Austin Texas!
Almost three years minus one month they were gone.
When I heard they were coming back
it sounded so much
 too good to be true
I never even let myself get excited.
It was such a huge answered prayer!

They are actually back now and I couldn't be happier about it!
So I wanted to throw them 
a summer
Welcome Back Party!

I wanted a fun gathering of our family and his wife Megan's sweet family!
It had been since before they left for Texas
that we'd all been together.

I started planning for the 
End of Summer Party
3 weeks before the event.
My lush cutting garden of Shasta daisies were the beginning inspiration!
I wanted the party to be fun and colorful
with a nod to a childlike spirit
after all our adorable grandchildren would be here!
I wanted to do a party that all four generations would enjoy!

I have adored the Topo Chico glass water bottles for years
Iv'e  always wanted a chance to repurpose them somehow.

This was just the party to use them!
I knew I could run almost 2 dozen 
Recycled Glass Bottles for Vases
down the length of our alfresco farm table!

They would be perfect to highlight  my Shasta daisies from my cutting garden!
**( By the time of the party my daisies were on their way out so I used flowers I bought)

I set several tables the same way with my 
Colorful Plate Collections
daisies in  the colorful bottles.
This colorful palette played perfectly off of my blue and white summer color scheme I do though out my house in the summer.

To add even more outdoor color and a feeling of playfulness
I used my collection of 
Fabric Pennants
 clothes pinned to my backyard 'greenery walls'.

Such an easy and sustainable way
 to make use of old clothes or even fabric scraps around the house.
Simple cloth triangles folded over and hot glued to jute twine.

I even used some old tea towels that had come to the end of their time.
I simply cut out the parts I liked
hot glued them onto triangles of denim
folded them over and hot glued them  once again to some jute twine!
Such a simple project with results that can be reused for years!

The cloth pennants  just add such a fun and festive pop of party color
that I probably will continue to add to my collection!
Such a fun way to add personal memories to gatherings!

The next colorful party element I added were
Beach Balls!
And lots of them!

I ordered three sizes in multiples
 all from Amazon.

I opted for the classic color palette as it reinforced my primary color way for this party.

The beach balls ended up to be even more fun than I anticipated!

I used them everywhere!

I  even used them in a big wooden tray for a focal point upon entry to the backyard!

I had them all over the backyard grass as well.

The beach balls just say playful and fun
which is exactly what I was going for in my party decor!

My very favorite part of using them
was the happiness on the faces of our grandchildren!
Pure delight!

So much fun to be had from such a simple toy
which made for the best party props!

They were fun in our waterfall!

Easily filled this summer's inflatable pool!

When I design and style a party I always like to have things done several days in advance.
I've learned this trick over the years.
For me, it keeps things stress free,  creative and enjoyable.
I simply wash all the dish ware again on the day of.

This party was no exception
which meant it was all set up a few days before 
when we had Hunter and his family over for a family dinner.

I am so glad I did!
Because it ended up that this was the only day the party props were used
in the way they were designed!
(I was also grateful I took photos early on)

Here in Southern California we literally never, ever get rain in August
but this year we had a Tropical Storm arrive not just the day of the party
but it was projected to hit during the party.
so of course a quick plan B was put into place.

Our little living room was rearranged to accommodate plenty of seating.
I brought in some of the banners and beach balls.
We  even changed our menu last minute.

I set up the 
Cutest Coloring Station
We added a sheet of  thin wood over the coffee table
I had coloring sheets and plenty of colors and colored pencils.
I styled it with attractive holders using glass jars, cans and some small ceramic buckets.
I set them all in my long narrow tray filled with rice.
A small bouquet in a recycled glass jar finished off the coloring station!

When I was younger I would have been upset that the party had to be reset
from my original vision.

Luckily, I have grown up.

I know these days 
without a doubt
any party is really
all about people coming together

I take entertaining seriously
I am always so grateful for people taking the time to come together.
Loosing both of my parents in the last few years
as sad as it is
gives me the most gratitude and love
when getting together with people I care about.
I never, ever take togetherness for granted.

Especially when it comes to the  the true miracle that are grandchildren.
What a gift to be on the planet at the same time.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life

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