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Easter Memories ...

I actually pulled the pictures in this post together last year.
But it felt too close to share.
My heart was still missing the family times too much.
But this year I can look at my sweet pictures
with a truly 
Grateful Heart.

Memories can really be such a gift
when handled with with care
in a full and grateful heart.
With happy appreciation
instead of a longing for days gone by.
Especially at this stage of life.

A beautiful look back as
an encouragement to continue to make 
Beautiful Memories 
no matter 
which stage of life
we find ourselves in.

I still remember this Easter so vividly.
I designed and sewed all three outfits.
Jeff dressed up as the Easter bunny
Easter baskets were made
eggs hidden
my parents and brother came over to join us for brunch
egg discovery!

I knew even way back then
I wanted to create beautiful memories
Celebrate our life together.
My sister died when I was in my early 20's
I learned then
to never take time together for granted.

I grew up loving Easter!
Besides family time
it was always a new Easter dress, shoes and a hat!
Oh how I've always loved a great 'outfit'!

I realize I learned to love on my family
dressing them
making things pretty from my mother
as you can easily see here in an Easter photo
from the late 70's.
My parents besides being teachers
also opened a fabric store.
I designed and made most of the store displays.
My love of clothes and accessories
continued to deepen
I set off to college to learn all I could.

So when I had my own family
special Easter outfit designs
was something I loved to do!

As well as designing special indoor and outdoor spaces
for our children.
Jeff built this sweet playhouse 
with a storybook deck and garden.

I have always been interested in making 
the everyday beautiful
so styling Easter is always a highlight for me.

Even something as simple as candied eggs
in a beautiful bowl
finished with some fresh lavender
can make the ordinary beautiful!

We rented a bunny costume every year
while the kids were young
back then it was a big expense for us.
But I am ever so grateful er did it!
Not only did it bring the kids so much joy at the time
it made for these pictures I treasure ever so much!

We also started having the bunny visit the children on the street as well!
Adding so much joy to our block parties!

Slater  was so full of joy and happiness
it literally brought tears to his eyes.

My dear Hunter.

And my beautiful girl.

My parents always came each year.
My mother always in her Easter best!

My brother as well.

Several years ago
when the kids were still around
I really wanted that Easter Fun back.
But how to recapture it with adult children?

I decided to buy and put up a ping pong table in the backyard!
I thought it would be such a simple thing to do
it ended up taking Jeff hours to assemble!
But it was still worth it in the end!

That year since everyone was past 21
I hid little bottles
even a couple of eggs with cash.

The hunt was on!

That was the last Easter we were all together.
I'm forever grateful
for all the effort I put out making 
things beautiful and special.

Now as life goes on as it does
some of us are missing
we have also been blessed with 
new wonderful family members.

Easter celebrations can be in different places theses days
Like the year we had a beautiful Easter
on the rooftop in SanDiego!


We are not all together these years.
But there is still so much to celebrate.

And  the  precious memories remain.

And I am so ready  to make
New Easter memories
 to continue to
Celebrate the Everyday

Thank you so much for your visit here
indulging my trip down memory lane.

I'd love to hear your favorite Easter memories!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life 


  1. Thank you for sharing about your parents being teachers, owning a fabric store, expressing your talents during childhood & beyond. Seeing your delightful children was wonderful. I’m so happy for you that you have these beautiful moments captured. And the Saunders generations picture took my breath away. Always inspired by your writing! Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us readers.
    mimi in hi.

    1. Awww! Thank you ever so much dearest Mimi! I so appreciate your visit here and your gift of words!Sending you big hugs my dear! XOX

  2. What a heart-warming post, full of wonderful and priceless memories of your family. Your gift for decorating a space is so precious, and adds to the joy of every occasion. Lovely to see your family, and it just occurred to me I had never mentioned that my mother's maiden name was Saunders. I wonder if we are distantly related - that would be awesome :). Sending love at Easter. xoxox

    1. So lovely as always to have you visit here dearest Patricia! How amazing that your mother's maiden name is Saunders! That is so interesting! Jeff and I have recently gotten very interested in our ancestry. I have recently found my dad's research on Saunders going back 5 generations. Where did your mother live?

      Sending you big hugs from Southern California my dear! XOX

    2. My mother was born and raised in Queensland, living in the area of Warwick near the border with New South Wales. I am not actually sure where she was born. It was over 100 years ago!! Perhaps it was at home. Her Saunders father's family came to Australia from the UK in the mid 1800s I believe.

    3. So interesting. We have been able to trace our Saunders ancestry back to the 1700's here in the States. I do know they originated from England.

  3. Wonderful post, as always, and it did bring back memories of an Easter in the early '70s when we wore pale peach, lace-trimmed dresses with sailor collars made by our grandmother and looked for eggs in our massive back yard.

    1. You paint such a beautiful Easter picture my dear! Just so lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  4. This post brought tears to my eyes. Wow!!! You are an incredible mother and wife!!! The outfits, the decorations, the thoughtfulness! I can see how much you love your children and family and how much work and effort you spent trying to make them happy, creating days filled with special memories. Your kids and family are so lucky. Hope you had a lovely Easter. Best wishes from Australia - Sophie.

    1. Sophie thank you for your visit here and your beautiful gift of words. They truly touch my heart! Sending hugs to Australia from here in Southern California!

  5. As ever, a beautiful post. Blessings from the UK XXX

    1. Thank you dear! sending big hugs to the UK from here in the States!