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Red Holiday Suit

It was time to bring out my
Red Holiday Suit
for a trip to 
with Jeff!

I bought my J Crew suit last year.
I knew the classic lines and red velveteen
would be a style I would love year after year.

For this year's  first seasonal outing
I styled it sporty casual for a day at Disneyland.

Don't let the hight of the platforms fool you.
The sole is made of foam
so they are actually super comfortable!
I took a chance and ordered them HERE on Amazon
I loved them so much I got another pair in black.
I was also happily shocked at the price!

A hat and sunglasses 
are always a must for me
as much for
as for 
sun protection!

A whole day of walking means
a backpack
 is also a top accessory
keeping me hands free and comfortable.

And speaking of hands free
I brought my newest favorite accessory my
 Side Car hat carrier!

a oval hinge clasp
that hooks to a purse of backpack
a clip that holds a hat.

It's really one of those travel accessory pieces
that just is 
the perfect marriage of
form and function!

Jeff and I had such a lovely day
celebrating his birthday 
at Disneyland!

It was also a perfect opportunity
to bring out our holiday suits!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Happy Birthday to Jeff !! I'm sure you two were turning heads with such classy, holiday outfits!
    Thank you for sharing these pictures from your day there. I recognized the tree in the Grand Californian.
    The Sleeping Beauty Castle looks lovely. Do you sell the hat carrier? If you do, I'd love to purchase one.
    If you do not, would you please consider putting a link so that you can receive credit for my purchase?
    m in HI.

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting darling!

    Here is the link to the hat carrier.

    You buy the clasp several different ways within the online shop!

    All the Best,