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Fall is In the House and Garden

I have completed my fall decorating!
I always enjoy the process so much!

Working layer by layer
room by room.

Keeping it easy and simple
it becomes a yearly ritual 
thet I relish 
each year.

I have mentioned often
that I believe it is the 
Celebrating Seasonally
that has kept me 
in love
Little House 
all these many years.

It's also wonderful
to take the time
to relish in the 
Changing Seasons.
Even here in 
Southern California.

I enjoy the several weeks I take 
to layer in my 
Fall Decor
enjoying the process
as much as 
the result!

I have brought out my
 fall textiles
dropped in 
artisanal  pumpkins
into sweet vignettes
inside and out of our 
home and gardens!

If you read my last post
you know about our impromptu road trip 
to the Central Coast to 
The Pumpkin Patch
in San Luis Obispo
We came back with a car load of beauties!

To me
artisanal pumpkins
are like natural sculptures
I love 
the colors 
the shapes
the imperfections.

The fact
that like floral bouquets
they are impermanent.
So their beauty much be enjoyed for the season.

I admit I also love
how at the end of the season
there is no storage involved! 

Our front planter is definitely announcing our
love of fall!

The front terrace is easily finished
with a pumpkin beauty and lantern.!

The weather here has even cooled enough to 
bring out my fall wardrobe!

My morning coffee 
is always a favorite time of day.
I enjoy sitting in different spots
during the week
always savoring the beauty
I have created
in my home and gardens.

It is definitely a time my 
heart fills with 
Gratitude for the small 
Moments and Beauty
in my life.


I added in some velveteen pillows this year
for a little more color and texture.
I was tickled with these additions form Ikea
because I just bought the pillow coverings
then used my own seasonal pillows 
I have in our
beautiful storage and prop new building.

So when it's time to store them
they won't be taking up more room in storage!
I am so loving having our storage at home now!

I added small gourds into a metal basket
for the finishing courtyard  touch .

Inside in the dining room
I pulled together things I had on hand for the centerpiece.
I am currently having big love for
tapered candles these days!
I also love how the various candle shapes and sizes play so well together!

The living room centerpiece
is full of my collected candles
set in a bed of rice.
I like mixing in some fresh branches or flowers 
in this 
 Seasonal Centerpiece.

Lighting candles 
with my 
is one of my 
favorite fall morning rituals.

It's the perfect time to reflect on my
Intentional Gratitude!

Dropping in 
Artisanal Pumpkins
just makes for
Instant Fall Styling!

In the back I found the most wonderfully colored flowers
to tie in with my fall colors.

They make me so happy to see
every single morning!

Dropping in a coordinating pumpkin
finished off this seating area's styling!

Another pumpkin
makes for a focal point finish in the backyard.

I added some more fall color and texture 
in the back lounger corner as well.

Which meant our backyard was all ready
to welcome a visit from our favorite littles!

Fall decorating always makes my heart so happy.

Simply by dropping in
Artisanal Pumpkins
 colorful textiles 

Fall is in the House and Gardens!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. You are so talented. Thank you for so many tips and suggestions!

    1. Can you tell us more about your “storage building”? I’m very intrigued as I love to decorate seasonally and also have tons of antiques that look better “highlighted” and not crammed together 😀😉😉 I have nine sets of plates in the pantry and around 75 goblets in my kitchen cabinets…. Sigh….I do love to set a gorgeous table….did you put a shed in your yard? And storage tips would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Brilliantly styled as always!
    You have made it magical and beautiful for all who visit, especially your littles!

    1. Why thank you ever so much dear! I appreciate your visit here!

    2. Love everything you do ! So much inspiration.

    3. Awww! Thank you so much darling! thank you so much for visiting!!

  3. I replied to someone else’s comment, so I’m not sure if it will get to you.
    I was wondering if you could fill us in on your “storage building” Is it an outdoor shed?
    I too love to decorate, “antique” and garage sale. I use ALL my things, just not at the same time (ten sets of dinner plates, and probably well over a 100 goblets in various colors!!) I won’t go into the decorative pillow situation 😀
    Any storage tips you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

    1. We rented storage offsite for a couple of decades. Last year my husband built the sweetest wooden shed, complete with antique windows. Now everything is stored and organized at home! It makes decorating seasonally so much more fun and easy!

      Your collections sound lovely my dear!

  4. How gorgeous it all is, dear Tamera. As always, you have a unique and charming of putting it all together, and we are thrilled to see it all on your blog. Thank you for sharing. I love those golden flowers, how perfect for Fall. The pumpkins are wonderfully sculptural, especially the big yellow one. The outdoor room with all the plants is so enchanting, especially with your beautiful wrought iron pieces. So inspiring - enjoy the season with your family and friends. xox

    1. Patricia always so lovely to have a visit from you my dear! You must be all geared up for springtime in Brisbane! On my way over to check out your blog darling!