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Updating My Wardrobe for Fall


It's that time of year to

Fluff my Wardrobe

Here in Southern California
I call it Fall Light
as our temperatures stay rather warm
all through October.
So sometimes  fall can feel mostly like a color palette change for me.
But there are so many ways to add in 
fun wardrobe updates!

These days I have my 
Seasonal Wardrobe Updates
down to a step by step process.

As a 
Fashion Accessory Designer  and  Life Stylist
 I don't  succumb
to just going out shopping
without a plan.
It's too easy to get caught up 
in just the fun of the shopping adventure
come home with new pieces that don't really 
add much to my overall wardrobe.

I  prefer work my wardrobe in a 
Curated Plan.

It's taken years for me to 
refine my 
Wardrobe Process
I am happy to share it here 
in the group
Fall Fashion collected posts that the fabulous 
has put together!


Each season I do my homework
looking for 
Seasonal Inspiration.

I spend time looking at my own personal
 design files
that consist of old school 
tear sheets.
I also peruse 
Fashion Magazines
Instagram and Pinterest
looking for whatever 
Fresh  Seasonal Ideas
that speak to my 
Design Aesthetic 
The ideas that get my heart racing!

I look at my calendar
see what major occasions I have 
to prepare for
how I will be spending most of my time.

This year we will be traveling back to New Hampshire
to visit family
so I am freshening my New England wardrobe with some new accessories
making sure all my travel essentials are up to date.

I make sure all of my travel essentials are up to date.
Which reminds me I need a new carry on.
If you have any great suggestions
I'd love to hear!

I had to retire my beloved one
as it just gave out.

As an anxious traveler
this coat is one of my favorite  New England fall travel pieces
it functions not only for warmth
but also as a security blanket on the plane 
and beyond.

Traveling back east in the fall
means I get to 
play with wardrobe pieces in my closet
that barely get any time out
here in Southern California.

Like this vintage coat
from my time at NYU.

 updating my wardrobe seasonally
I also factor in 
my current lifestyle

 I have  been recently adding outfits
  that enable me
 to combine getting my miles in
with fun destinations.

For  example.
Jeff and I love to walk different areas
still feel great stopping for a nice lunch
or a cocktail at a gorgeous hotel.

So this has taken some fore thought 
outfit wise.

Right now a short khaki twill jacket is a great 
outfit base to work around.
When the weather here finally gets chilly
I'll substitute the shorts for a comfortable walking pant.

Adding accessories
means I am polished  lunch ready!

My newest addition to this piece of the process
is coming up with 
A Seasonal Uniform
Being a designer 
I spend a large part of my day 
in the studio.
I have started to dress for the occasion 
in repetitive outfits
that I know I can quickly put on
without a lot of thought.

This outfit needs to be something I love wearing.
Functional throughout my studio day
easily convertible to an outfit
for running errands
or ever quick meetings with clients.
Right now I'm loving different versions of
they are such an easy and functional base
the perfectly suited to striking accessorizing!

I could write an entire post
on the importance for dressing 
for oneself as a 
Creative Entrepreneur 
But I think it's really important 
for all of us.
Who doesn't feel better
wearing pieces they love
just for themselves.

I peruse my own closets
for seasonal pieces 
I Love
can't wait to wear again!
This is also a great time to do any needed editing.

I have my many closets organized by color palettes
so it makes seasonal updating easy.

It's after I've done all of that 
I start looking 
what additions
I want to make to my
Curated Wardrobe
Sometimes it could be some major pieces
like a new suit and coat
other times
it could be some new
accessories and shoes
breathe fresh new life into
my beloved pieces!

The question I always ask myself 

`What do I want to add that
what will give me the biggest wardrobe bang
for my investment.

Layering for fall
is always a favorite of mine!
It's like having several outfits in one!

Here I updated some of my brown pieces
by simply adding in a
faux leather corset
worn over a blouse.

It instantly updates some beloved pieces!

I always do my wardrobe  updates in 
Color Palettes 
And any one who has been following me 
this last decade here
knows my big love of neutrals
especially creams.

Working in color palettes
is a very effective way to 
Curate Your Wardrobe.
As far as accessories right now
I am completely infatuated with
oversized floral broaches.

This season I am also loving blazers!
Buying them with a matching pant
means your styling options and endless!

Fall is also the time I like to bring out some denim pieces
which are always fun pieces to style.

And lastly nothing like a fresh
cut and color to
jump start a 
Great Fall  Wardrobe Update!

I'd love to hear 
any fall updating tips 
you want to share!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life



  1. Your outfits are always so inspiring, Tamera! You have really nailed your style. I'm so envious of your trip back east...fall in New England is always so lovely.

    1. Why thank you ever so much Susan! Yes, I do enjoy being an age where I know my own style! Wearing clothes I love brings me so much joy! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!

  2. You have awesome accessories and camel is supposed to be really big this are all set! Wish I looked like you do in shorts!

    1. Why thank you so much Mary Ann! I am very passionate about accessories to be sure! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. Hi Tamera-Thank you so much for joining us. You are the master at layering, the monochrome look and accessorizing. I always learn so much by studying your looks. I can't pull off some of your looks due to the height factor, but I am continually inspired by your combinations. Love all you do!

    1. Why thank you ever so much Cindy! I really appreciate your gracious words! They are a gift!

      I loved your post! The fresh way you added the 3 broaches to the chambray shirt and blazer! Styling perfection!

      Thank you again for including me in the Fall Fashion roundup post!


    1. Aww thank you ever so much my dear! Your encouraging words always mean so very much to me Elizabeth! Especially since they come from your always stylish self! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

      I see I missed your call! We definitely need to catch up my friend! XOX

  5. Dang girl….when I grow up I hope I’m as stylish as you! Wowza! You are amazing!

    1. Well thank you ever so much for your lovely words my dear!

  6. Love your style! Would you might sharing where you got your camel coat? I love it!

    1. The coat and entire suit are all from Zara a couple years ago. I think I've seen similar this year and also at J Crew. Thank you very much for reading!

  7. Wonderful to see your stylish closets, and your plans for Fall, dear Tamera. A trip to New Hampshire will be perfect - we have only been there once, and it was in October. What a spectacle of gorgeous colour it was! As always, I love your elegant looks, and am really taken with the wide brown pants, and the cream looks. I want some cream linen wide pants this Summer. Your cream show collection is peerless - you are an inspiration to us all. xoxox

    1. How lovely to hear you have been to New England! And especially during October! Thank you so much for visiting here darling! I always love hearing form you!

  8. First time reader- loved this post so much! I enjoy the puzzle that is creating interestingly layered outfits with show stopping accessories. At 5' 2" I can't wear everything but I find my way through the landscape. There is a wonderful seller on Etsy named Marina Astafyeva, she has beautiful collars and flowers. Also search for J Crew 2010 on Pinterest for the looks that Jenna Lyons called Edie Beale Goes to Girl Scout Camp...the inspired styling gets me every time! I have the same shoes in your closet (from Anthro) cream with cut outs. I took a paint pen and changed them to magenta but your cream are beautiful too.

    1. Barbara thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! I so appreciate it! I especially appreciate the inspirational sites you mentioned! I love everything about Jenna Lyons J Crew days!! And what a great idea to change shoe color with a paint pen! I'll have to remember that one! Again, thanks so much for stopping by dear!

  9. So many fabulous looks, this was a wonderful post! From the textures and subtle colorplays to the updos, jewelry and hats, you're still killing it! Thanks for the fall inspiration.

    1. Why Beth thank you ever so much my dear! I appreciate your visit and your sweet gift of words!

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