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My Wardrobe for My New York City Visit

Last month we visited 
New York City

I packed an 
All Black Wardrobe
with plenty of 
Statement Accessories.

We stayed in 

I wanted a hotel with a functioning balcony
ours was a beauty.
Stepping outside 
you could feel the energy in the city below!

My all black wardrobe consisted of
many separate pieces
one white shirt.

Pieces in which I could walk 
the city

One hat
Gucci glasses
My wrapped pearl necklaces

Our balcony at 

not only had a wonderful view
but made photo shoots a breeze!

A black puffy coat
kept the sun off my face
the fur collar was a finishing accessory!

A black backpack
made it easy to change from 
black trainers to walk the city
to a dressier boot
for lunch.

My first adventure 
a beautiful walk down
5th Avenue to SoHo  ...

To visit 

I have been following
the fabulous owner for years on
She is such a radiant delight!

Her passion for
customer service 
is truly second to none!

Another stop was
Grand Central Station
to walk through and take in
the majesty of the space.

That evening I got to debut my latest
Crown Design
in the evening!

It finished off my black separates
with a 
high dose of glamour!
And my slicked back hair 
worked perfectly for the rainy night!

We found the sweetest neighborhood restaurant
within walking distant,

The next morning 
I had an appointment at

at the
John Barrett Salon

Trinny's makeup line
 is only available in 
New York City
John Barrett.

I have been ordering it from
so I was excited to see the whole line in person!

Lenny Galan
who heads up their Retail and Artistry Education
did my makeup
as well as teaching me more  about their product line.

I was already use the line when I travel
so I really appreciated his added advice
was so happy with the makeup outcome!

Next stop
a short couple of blocks walk 
to one of my very favorite spots in

New York City

My newest oversized cuff designs
rings from  the fabulous

finished off my outfit for the day.

We got a marvelous table for lunch at  the iconic

Bergdorf Goodman
Bg Restaurant

It is always my favorite spot for
lunch in NYC!

We had a truly magical lunch
with the most beautiful snow fall!

After lunch and a bit of shopping
we stopped next door for 
a cocktail
at the also iconic

One of the highlights of our NYC stay at
was  Jeff putting up a 
Christmas Tree
on our balcony
complete with lights!

My Holiday Statement Necklace
finished off my dress perfectly 
with a necessary black umbrella
for the rainy day.

Our plan for the day was to 
walk around 

We made our way  in Central Park
to another 
New York City icon

Bread pudding was an indulgent
brunch finish!

Of course I adored their logo
complete with a Crown!

The sheep is a reference to how the building started out
originally as a place for 
Central Park's sheep to sleep
oh so many years ago!

We continued our exploration of 
Central Park
taking in new beauty around every corner.

We stumbled upon this magnificent
Minton Tiled Ceiling
right outside the
Terrace Arcade!

Then we made our way into 
for a Fashion Exhibit

and came out to another 
magical snowfall!

For my final night of our trip
I pulled out my 
Gold Vintage Brooch Necklace
that I have been adding new broaches
for several years.

I now have it exactly how I want it!
So many of my personal
Art Pieces
grow and change
until I get them just right!

Prepping for a  trip to
New York City
is always
So Inspiring
for my designing process!

I can't wait to return!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Fantastic! Love Manhattan, love you. You are a talented artisan; your designs are imaginative, and stunning! Thank you for sharing. XXX

    1. Why thank you ever so much dearest Barb! And right back at You! I so enjoy following along your new life in France! You are a true Inspiration! xox

  2. OMG!!! The way you put pieces together I can only dream off.
    Thank you for the mention Sweetheart.
    Your ring looked fab.
    The perfect model as you have such beautiful style (and hands!)

    1. Aww thank you ever so much dearest Vanessa for your sweet words! Thank you for the fabulous rings! They have become two of my favorites! Thank you for your visit here ... all the way from England!! xox

  3. How wonderful a trip you had....beautiful clothing and assories always. ��

    1. Thank you very much Jaylyn! I appreciate you reading and commenting my dear! xox

  4. Wonderful! You look so glamorous, perfect New York outfits. I am in love with your black tiered dress, and I loved the tour of the city. It has been 18 years since we visited NYC, and I adored it - we even had high tea at the Plaza. Thanks for the memories :) Beautiful cuffs, necklaces and crown... xxx

    1. Patricia thank you for your visit here and sweet gift in words! I was so happy to read your blog post, to read that you finally have gotten some rain in Queensland, Australia!! It was lovely to read about your celebrations of Australia day! xox

  5. You look amazing! Like no other woman! I enjoyed your gorgeous photos and how amazing is Trinny London right!

    1. Nancy thank you for visiting here and your lovely encouraging words! I couldn't agree more with you, about Trinny!! Not only do I enjoy her makeup, it is her realistic inspiration to the power of clothes on one's mood, that I truly enjoy! xox

  6. Tamera elegant black wardrobe with your stand out accessories was perfect and you look simply divine in every shot. I so enjoyed your photos of New York , it has made me think it is time for a revisit .

    1. Jill thank you for your continued visits all the way from Tazmania! And yes, I would recommend a New York City visit! But there is also so much to see and do here in Southern California! xox

  7. Tamera - I'm drooling for all of your jewelry, oh my! I'm perusing Luxuria's website for something new for me on my 70th (yikes?!) birthday in March. I wrote down all of your destinations in the big Apple so that when we ever go, we'll also visit them. I love how your husband decorated the tree on your functioning balcony; attention to details y'all! Thank you for your gorgeous posts.

    1. Awww thank you ever so much for your continued visits here darling! I so appreciate them and always your encouraging words! I hope you find a fabulous piece for yourself on Luxuria's website! There are so many great pieces to pick from!! Sending you early Happy Birthday wishes dear! What fabulous plans do you have for such ab auspicious occasion? You always do Life so Well!! xox

  8. Hurrah ... I can comment again! The secret .... Chrome. Learned this from the Preppy Empty Nester via our favorite Contessa. Anyhoo ... your New York trip looks glorious. As do all your adventures. And I’m in awe of your packing skills. The black gown in the Met exhibit is spectacular and would be stunning on you! Look at me... back in the comment section!!! xo

    1. Yay!! I am so happy to hear you can comment again my friend!! I always so love hearing from you!! And I am so enjoying following along your Snowberry renovations! You are ever so talented my dear! xox

  9. You belong in NYC!!!! That is so you. Loved every minute of your trip. I've wanted to look into the Trinny makeup. Now I know where to buy it in the USA. Love every fabulous photo. Love your jewelry, love the Luxianna Jewelry love that dress you went out shopping in. The whole thing is just so luscious. LOVED IT!!!

    1. Sandra how lovely to see you have visited here! I always so appreciate hearing from your talented, inspiring self! Thank you so much for your truly encouraging words! I absolutely loved being in NYC ... it felt like all of my outfits and statement pieces truly made sense and fit into the phenomenal city! Thanks again for your visit and continued support! xox