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Holiday Paperwhites

One of my favorite Holiday traditions is planting 

Paper Whites.

They are incredibly easy to plant
can last the entire Holiday season!

The bulbs can be planted in virtually anything.

They can  be frown in water, gravel rocks or soil.

Above I have planted them in vintage drawers
that complimented my design scheme.

For one of my centerpiece plantings
I am use a wooden trough.

Each year I buy 200 quality bulbs.
This gives me plenty for my centerpieces
as well as plenty to plant for Holiday Gifts!

Once you have everything you need
the process couldn't be easier!

First decided what you want to plant your bulbs in.

I use a quality potting soil next.
I think it's remarkable how little soil the bulbs actually need.
I have had great success using even this shallow trough!

I simply set the bulbs on the top of the soil
then cover them 2/3 of the way up with soil.

 I love the aesthetics of seeing  some of   the bulb
But you can bury the entire bulb if you prefer.

Then I give them a good watering.
I keep the soil moist throughout their growing
with a weekly deep watering.

Next I finish the planting with either moss or gravel rocks.

Here is the finished planting.
I so enjoy watching the bulbs change daily.

The key to steady growth of your paper whites is keeping
the soil damp,

Once the bulbs get going they grow fast!

This is one of my favorite stages 
right before the flowers burst open!

Here they are in full blooming glory!

Just look at the effective root system in such a shallow planting vessel!

Another great thing about Paper Whites
is they transition wonderfully
into the 
New Year!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting darling! xo

  2. Tamera - I have been following your blog for a few years and I KNOW you always plant these around the holidays. I have decided to plant some next year. Questions, do they ever "tip" over? How do you know you have watered them "enough" or not? I would have never thought those were antique drawers, they are lovely. Oh yes, do they need light? Thank you!

  3. Catherine such great questions! They can sometimes start to get a little floppy after they are in full bloom. I usually just put a big tie around them, about in the middle of the stems. Or I also will use the thin wooden sticks used for shish kabobs to bace up single plantings.

    You don't need to worry about over watering. I just usually give them deep weekly waters, keeping the soil moist.

    They do like some light. I have grown them inside and out. I find them very easy to grow. I hope this answers your questions darling! Thank you for your visit here! xox

  4. Dear Tamera, it is always a Christmas treat to see your paper whites. They are stunning in that long trough and a wonderful centrepiece for the season. Have a wonderful Christmas with your lovely family. xxx

    1. Patricia thank you ever so much for your kind words and visit here darling! I always so appreciate hearing from you! xox

  5. Oh how I LOVE seeing these!! A few years ago I bought an unusual Scandinavian fish-bowl -sized vase to plant them in...and I haven't gotten started on it yet this year! Yikes! How early do your plant your bulbs? (I'm hoping I can still find them at our local garden center where I used to get them)! Am I too late to get them going?

    1. I definitely don't think it's too late to plant them! I usually do two planting during the season, but we were traveling, so I just planted mine last week. I just love seeing the whole growing process and I will have beautiful blooms come January! Thank you so much for visiting darling! xox

  6. Everything you do Tamera looks gorgeous and is styled so beautifully.
    I love how you planted the bulbs in that stylish trough (but then I wouldn't expect anything less from you ;-)
    I must just find out what Paperwhites are called in the UK as I don't think they have the same name.
    Gorgeous my friend xx

    1. Darling Vanessa thank you for your visit here darling! I always so appreciate hearing from you!

      The real name for Paper whites is Narcissus Tazetta Ziva.

      Sending you all the Best wishes for the New Year my dear! xox