Summer Date Night

Jeff and I had a lovely weekend.

It was mainly working on some important house projects
but we still took time out on Saturday for

Date Night!
It was the perfect occasion to take my


out for it's initial spin!


gave the dress a fresh finishing touch
for a summer evening.

 sunglasses added another 
dose of glamour.

We did dinner and drinks in quaint 


Nothing like a great outfit
for a making the very most of a 
Summer Date Night!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Gorgeous dress, looking fabulous, perfect for a date night!

  2. Hi there pretty lady Tamera. Your black lace dress is the perfect mix of cuteness and elegant sophistication - and I love it! Also the bag, so perfect for a Summer date night. So happy to see you having such fun. xxx

  3. Date nights are the best! I love to spend some time just with the two of us. What a gorgeous elegant dress you are wearing, and the bag is so cute.

  4. Thank you Tamera for sharing your always glamorous romantic date nights! I share them with my husband, who also enjoys looking at where you and Jeff go.

  5. i absolutely love your style of dressing - very classy and elegant and a style i aspire too. so happy to see you look so happy, and date night is always the best.