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Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude

Happy New Week my friends!

I'm back with a list of
from my week.

I think these posts are so important.
They force me to slow down enough to reflect on my week
sometimes with surprising results.

Like today
I woke up in kind of a funk.
The feeling that no matter what I do
I don't feel accomplished
because there are so many things still undone.

I realized once again
how powerful our internal narrative is to our
own happiness.

It's actually time to take a deep breath
regroup and refocus
on all the good and beautiful in my life.

To focus intently on

To continue to write a fresh new narrative.
Believe it.

A highlight of my week
was definitely
kayacking with dear friends
having the good fortune to be out on the ocean
at the same time as a procession of tall ships
that were in town for the festival!

Adding a bit of bubbly
makes it a sublime memory to be sure!
A moment of bliss I press deep into my heart
never to be forgotten!

I have been putting a lot of my time into
getting my house in order

From the outside gardens
to all my closets
fluffing my sweet vignettes!

My backyard chives are blooming
made for the sweetest floral centerpiece addition.

Our backyard has been getting plenty of love and care also!

Jeff and I have been spending our weekends doing some
major projects in the gardens
as well as freshening up our planters.

It feels very calming to get things in order
I suppose because for so long everything has felt so chaotic.
It feels good to have some areas in life controlled.

Another highlight was celebrating the birthday of a dear friend
with a backyard barbeque!

We even redid my photo backdrop for the occasion!

And of course there were plenty of Crowns to go around 
for some fun pictures!

Thank you for visiting and reading here.
I so appreciate it!

Here's to
for a beautiful
New Week!

What were you most 
Grateful for last week?

I'd love to know!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Divine looking cake!

  2. grateful for this post! I love seeing when you write on sprucing up your house - they give me some great ideas for our house! And....we are in the busy season of planning an upcoming wedding (it's almost here!!). My daughters came up to CT from DC a week ago, and one sister is matron of honor for the other...her & I planned a bridal shower. Much of the grooms family lives on the other side of the state, so we got to meet everyone! How fun!!! And... Chelsea's planned activity for everyone to celebrate her sister Heather's upcoming wedding....was to create flower crowns! Oh how fun! So you have blessed us with some really fun family time & great ideas! Thank you Tamera! Cheers to creating a beautiful, well-lived life!

    1. Oh Roxanne, I am so excited for you all during your wedding season! Such exciting times!! Aren't they just the best! Of course I adore your daughter's idea of celebrating with the creating of flower crowns!

      Thank you so much for visiting here and sharing such joy my dear! Savor and enjoy all the wedding moments! xox

  3. Me too, always grateful to read your posts, and enjoy your decor, and that sweet back yard. Love your blue chair, and the photo backdrop. Maybe I could try that for our next gathering. Meantime, I am soooo grateful my husband last week began to drive his car again, 10 weeks after breaking a hip. At last he feels free and mobile once more :) xxx

  4. Some days I wake up feeling defeated before I put a foot out of bed. So many things to do and impossible to decide what to do first . . . I don’t remember having this issue when I was working. I feel that I used to put in 8-12 hours days and still get more done than I do now in my ‘retired’ state. It’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one who often feels overwhelm and I’m grateful for your posts. Your back yard if beautiful and I love that birthday cake! Life is a gift and your blog always reminds me to focus on happy things. xo