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La Serena Villas ... Palm Springs

We were back this week at my favorite Palm Springs hotel
La Serena Villas
which truly is 
'The ultimate  luxury hotel tucked in the heart of downtown Palm Springs'

One of my favorite parts
it's 21 and over!
As empty nesters who have done the kids thing
an adult luxury hotel definitely checks my boxes!

We found La Serena several months ago
just driving through the historic downtown area.

I saw the Linus bikes
in the most amazing shade of blue out front
literally made Jeff stop the car to find out more about this amazing place!

Their front chairs are made for blogging dreams.
Neither the bikes or the chairs could oversell the property.
It just keeps getting better around every turn!!

The property was converted from small apartments
which means the hotel rooms are luxuriously spacious!

Take a look at this dreamy spacious walk in closet!
I may have been ruined for ordinary rooms now!

The room comes with a delightful wet bar
and small fridge.
The perfect place to set up our traveling bar!

Since I knew it was going to be a hot stay
I brought a 'bouquet' of tropical branches for the room
from my garden
instead of my usual oversized floral bouquet.

The bathroom was also huge with double sinks.

The tile work and brass finishes 
have me dreaming once again
of a bathroom remodel!

Talk about luxurious details
the Turkish towel shower curtain is something I must
reproduce at home!

Each room comes with a large sized private courtyard
complete with a bench, fire pit 
claw footed tub!

A cold bath outside  in the desert heat
are what traveling dreams are made of!

And who knew the shampoo from the hotel
could make a tub full of the softest bubbles!!

A mojito from the bar was the finishing touch!

Speaking of their bar
how absolutely adorable is the Frida Room!

The property is small and intimate
complete with 
The Whispers Spa.

I absolutely love dressing in Downtown Palm Springs.
It's an area that appreciates a love of aesthetics.
I love to bring my glam best.

Another wonderful aspect of La Serena's location
we can simply walk to our favorite restaurant Melvyn's
for dinner and drinks.
We alway meet the most interesting people at the bar!

For me Palm Springs is also all about hanging at the pool.
At La Serena's pool
not only do you have to be 21 or over
they have a rule against talking on your phone while at the pool!
Ahh how I love a well done pool!

But there was still plenty of opportunity for some pool fun!

It's off season in Palm Springs.
The up side is that summer rates can be lower
the downside
the property's restaurant isn't open.
But they have plenty of coffee set out in the bar
as well as in room Kurig's.

Not only is coffee plentiful in the mornings
but they will deliver a simple breakfast
to your room or pool
in the cutest wooden picnic baskets!

Nothing like a poolside picnic
with your morning coffee!

How about a swinging chair on your front porch?

I finally got a chance to ride the fabulous
Linus Bikes that are complimentary at La Serena!
It was these gorgeous bikes that had me stopping in my tracks 
when I first drove by the property.

What a fabulous way to tour this historic district!

If you find yourself in Palm Springs
 are looking a lovely, luxurious boutique hotel
I highly recommend the ever stylish
La Serena Villas!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Ah! Looks like the most stylish paradise ever! And you look so gorgeous and glam. Can't wait to see you at the end of the month, dear friend! XO, A

    1. Thank you so much gorgeous! It is a fabulous property to be sure! I am counting the days until I get to see you darling!!

  2. The Frieda room is gorgeous.

  3. Fabulous! I knew shampoo made the softest bubbles. XX

    1. I can't believe I haven't ever tried shampoo as bubbles before! It was so much softer than the bubble bath I buy!!

  4. What a gorgeous place, and what fun you are having. I love the pic of you with the pool toy, you look lovely. And the ball skirt and necklace are magical! xx

    1. Thank you ever so much for visiting and you sweet words Patricia!!

  5. I've never seen you look so lovely! This trip was eye candy! You and the setting...what a perfect combo!

    1. Aww thank you ever so much Portobello! This was one of my favorite posts to be sure! The clothes and the property had such an energizing synchronicity!

  6. I shall,Tamera !

    You look divine. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your style. And that bathtub shot is just
    over-the-top. Bringing a plant to the hotel room is such a nice touch. Thank you, T.

    1. Darling Catherine thank you for you gift of words darling! I always enjoy your visits dear!

  7. in the bath tube you look like performing in a movie...and riding the bicycle in
    such a style, it's just glam. You are an adorable woman.

    1. Mumbai thank you ever so much for your generous gift of sweet encouraging words! xox

  8. Okay, my friend. You bring your own greenery and booze with you?? You are officially a rock star! I am taking notes. You really know how to live and look gorgeous while doing it.

    1. Aww Connie thank you so much beautiful! I'm definitely not a light, simple packer ... but I do travel with what my all my favorites! xox

  9. These photos are exceptional. You're missing one thing tho .. me on this trip with you! :D
    Love love love the ball skirt with tipped hat. Editorial.
    Of course the bubble bath on my fave hat of yours is giving me a heart attack but it seems to have fared well as it looks as stunning as ever. I do believe I'm asking to be in your will, left that hat! There are so many memories with that hat, from BabyBeach to Bdays at the pool to FashIsl summer concerts and 4th of Julys. This hotel is quite the find, and looks like you stumbled upon one of my fave bike brands, as one of mine is in the blue too! Love the fab pool floaty photo. Simply the most fun and discreet photo ever .. well done Jeff!
    Love to you both ♡ -dp

    1. Can you believe the version shown hear ... is a newer, bigger hat version ... than those days done by. I still have the one you're thinking of ... and still bring it out for 'sportier' events. Nothing like great hats that serve one well! Thanks ever so much for visiting darling ... I have been thinking of you often as your girl gets ready for UCLA! xoxo

  10. I knew that was a Frank Olive hat the moment I saw it. For years I went to every one of his trunk shows when he came to Frost Brothers in San Antonio... Like Neiman's, but no longer in business. I was in my early 20's, when I started buying his hats... So fabulous! Patricia Underwood slid into Frank's space when he departed, but in checking last week, I see she hasn't done anything since her 2016 collection. Sad... xoxox, Brenda

    1. Oh Brenda, how marvelous it must have been going to Frank Olive trunk shows!! I was always so excited to find the few that Neiman's carried!You have such a rich fashion history my dear! Thank you so much for visiting and commenting my dear! xox

  11. What a fabulous place, Tamera!! In fact you make me want to pack up and head out there ASAP!!
    And to bring your own flowers and alcohol---that's brilliant!!
    I'm sending this to my stepmom (the 60+ model on my blog) because I think she's heading out to Palm Springs in the next couple of weeks.
    And if this is a duplicate comment, I apologize---it seemed to disappear the first time!

    1. Jodie you would love it there! Every where you look, there is stylish beauty!! Definitely mention it to your stepmom ... it's in such a fun part of Palm Springs!

      Your comment didn't duplicate ... it might have disappeared because my WiFi is not performing well today! Thank you for mentioning it to me! And thanks so much for visiting darling!! xox

  12. I'm bowled over by your style and the beauty and luxury of this wonderful place! Definitely going on my list for when we next visit the US. Gail (London)

    1. Gail not only is this hotel beautiful ... it's smack in the middle of the best part of Palm Springs! thank you for your visit and comment dear!!

  13. This looks amazing and your outfit is to die for! Very stunning, chic and stylish. Wish I was staying there - it looks a real treat. x Jacqui

    1. Jacqui it is an amazing hotel to be sure! Thank you so much for visiting here darling!!

  14. I literally reference this blog every time I’m planning a Palm Springs trip! Planning on taking my Mom for a Mother’s Day getaway, but we can’t go until June when my season is over. We must get together when we are there!
    Kim |

  15. You are utterly fabulous! xxx

  16. An incredible review of a luxurious setting, Tamara. Every photo is magnificent. However, the photos of you and your hat really made my morning. Thank you for sharing your beauty and your headwear with Hat Attack!

  17. :-) Oh, my goodness - what a place and the pictures.
    You look fabulous, Tamera!
    Have a very HAPPY week :-)