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Arts District Los Angeles ... And What I Wore

Last week we ventured up to Downtown Los Angeles
for Market Week in  the Fashion District.

My favorite stop in Downtown LA
 before the Fashion District
is always the 

Every time we visit there seems to be so much change
now that it has gone from a bit gritty to 
full steam ahead gentrification.

But one thing that is still consistent as of late are the
fabulous wall murals!
One for almost every  type of outfit!

I love the
for so many reasons
but I especially love any area that breeds and supports creativity!
I live in South Orange County California
which I absolutely love.

But it is definitely a conservative area
so sometimes I am extremely aware that my creative ensemble styling leaves many people baffled.
So areas that attract creative souls
are always a favorite of mine!

For my foray into Downtown Los Angeles
I wore a white ensemble base
which includes my beloved white cropped flare jeans
with a bell sleeved top.
Both pieces are by 

This was a perfect base for my sleeveless wrap vest from

 I finished the outfit with my signature wrap pearls and a high crowned felt hat.

Block heels, one of this seasons shoe trend,
gave it a fresh modern finish
as well being a comfortable walking shoe to explore the area!
These white sandals are a recent purchase from

One of our favorite spots to visit
in the Arts District is 

A 'Hand curated Market'
which is both a full service grocery store and eatery.

But my favorite part on this visit was
their lush and thriving 
Hydroponic Towers

I have seen these genius gardening towers more and more over the last few years
especially in urban enviroments
but I have never seen them florish like these!
Must be great care and our wonderful rains we have gotten here in Southern California this winter!

Our lunch destination was 
located in the old National Biscuit ( Nabisco) Building.
This factory building was designed by E. J. Eckel in 1925
as the West Coast factory space for the company.
This building was redone in 2006
in the beginning stages of the Downtown gentrification
of mostly abandoned industrial sites.

is located on the ground floor of the 
Nabisco Building
 was once the loading dock for the company.

Opened in 2008 
 was one of the very first restaurants to open 
in the gentrified Art's District.

The restaurant  is a French bistro
serving traditional bistro fare
with seasonal sourced organic produce.

We tried all five different cheeses.
There were even bakes apples along with fresh slices.
Give me great cheese and bread
with a great glass of wine
and I am a happy camper for sure!

Next stop on our LA adventure 
we checked into the always Chic and Stylish 

I will be back next post sharing our stay there!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Great photos, Tamera! Love your look and the typewriter images...both are so cool!

  2. Love the murals, and of course your fab outfit - the block heels are IT! xox


  3. Just discovered your blog today and am so pleased to have done so! Although our lives our quite different, we share a life philosophy, and perhaps a few struggles.

    A pleasure to "meet" you!

  4. Tamera - don't you just love going to a city? We go to DTLA to frequent the jazz clubs and new restaurants. Next time you're in DTLA, you may want to try Odey's and Penelope on La Brea, or Drago Centro on S. Flower. We listen to jazz at Vibrato (Beverly Glen), Blue Whale(Little Tokyo) and Catalina Bar and Grill (Sunset Blvd). I LOVE dressing up in all kinds of esoteric, fun, kooky outfits that I may not wear here at home. We take "Lyfft" everywhere we go at night. We walk most other places, for instance, The Broad museum, Museum of Neon Art, Museum of Modern Art and Annenberg space 4 photography.

    I LOVE the black and white outfit and mural behind you. The saying on the mural is totally Tamera....your readers take note of you!!!

  5. Hi Tamera,
    Love this post -- and your outfit. So fun and creative. We venture into DTLA quite frequently as well, and LOVE it. Something about spending time in LA brings me peace. Maybe it's the creativity and openness that's in the air. We also live in OC and while we like it, we often need a real "city fix." Church & State is a favorite of our's, as is The Catalina Club (mentioned in comment above).

  6. You've put together a very clever outfit. And the hydroponics are interesting, looks like massive rhubarb is growing from just water, amazing.

  7. Thanks for another informative post Tamera, but more importantly for sharing this terribly chic ensemble. Black and white never looked so elegant as well as bang on trend. I particularly love your gorgeous blouse as well as the mules.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend x