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Malibu Riviera Motel

Last weekend while we were savoring the upper deck at the 
Malibu Pier
we were so enthralled with the area
we decided an impromptu night stay was definitely in order.

Well this sounds simple enough
except it was the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend.
But Jeff was up for the quest.

After spending an hour checking what seemed every hotel in Malibu
he finally found 
what felt like the very last room in Malibu.

I'm usually beyond picky when it comes to choosing a place to spend the night
but hey
I'm trying to be more flexible and go with the flow these days.

Jeff showed me a couple of pictures from the booking site
and I decided I could be brave and
'give it a try'.

I've been wanting to stay at a mid century 'motel'
for a while now.

Or maybe better put
I've had a romantic notion of staying at one.

Pulling up to the
 Malibu Riviera 
I must admit
I was afraid the glasses of wine on the pier
had dulled my good judgement.
And an ... oh no 
what have I agreed to feeling
began to seep in.

But walking into the 'lobby'
gave me some hope.
Maybe this could be the 
'cool  updated midcentury motel'
I had been dreaming of ...

The perfect Road Trip find.

Our last minute
Labor Day Weekend decision
had lead us  in a serendipity vibe
to  just what I was searching for.

The Malibu Riviera is still just being finished
has only been opened a handful of weeks.

When we opened the door  to our room
I saw it was
everything I was hoping for in a road trip find!

The new owners of this original 1947 motel
have  done a brilliantly designed 
remodel of what was only last year 
a run down motel way past it's prime.

"Dutch door with an open breeze"
it definitely has ...

'A new modern look has been given
inspired by old paradise charm'

I couldn't agree more with their description!

They have stripped away all excess detail
still kept the soul of this mid century gem.

There is a clean pared down elegance in the rooms
that have been white washed to perfection.

Floors have been stripped down to the earthy aggregate 
which has been polished to a reflective glow.

Light  streams in from  windows on both sides
creating an airy freshness
that takes full advantage of the high ceilings.

My new shoes from Need Supply in New York
with my new bag from Clare V
fit right in.

It's definitely a  chic mid century retreat.
Affordable luxury with tons of historic character
located a stones throw from Point Dume Beach.

Located on 4.34 acres
the motel is still in soft opening mode
with the hopes of a full opening sometime in October.

There are plans to add an Airstream Coffee Bar
(which is sorely needed. The long trek to 'find' coffee
in Malibu was my only complaint).

They also have plans to add glamping tents on the lower property.

Our lovely outside balcony view.

Before we checked in
I made a quick stop at
The Malibu Lumberyard
my favorite shopping center in Malibu
to run into
J Crew
to shop for a couple of pieces
I could pull into outfits
we had left home in the morning without a planned overnight stay.

Luckily even on day trips
I pack several accessory choices
since we usually head off in a particular direction
rather than a definite destination.

I like to be prepared for a myriad of locations.

So at J Crew
I just picked up a new pair of
white Toothpick jeans
(which I had needed anyway)
and a
 color blocked striped dress
I wore as a tunic.
I know both pieces will serve me well this season.

My antique silk shawl was the perfect accompaniment 
for the brisk Malibu morning!

How charming is the dutch door that opens up to the  private balcony.
note the sublime copper hangers in the upper right corner.

The spare but perfect details
spoke Southern California
Laid Back Luxe
to me.

What a treat the old school motel keys are!
I wish they had the key rings for sale
because it was so hard to give it back!

Talk about a beautiful road trip reflection.
Waking up to this view
reminded me of all the beauties to be discovered on
the roads less traveled.

The view also  had me wondering about the history of this motel.
Urban lore has it Marilyn Monroe has stayed here
and that
Bob Dylan wrote
Blood on the track
in room 10
the very room we got!

When we checked in
we  asked one of the owners for a great sunset location.

Their recommendation of 
The Sunset Restaurant 
was spot on!

Located right on the beach
it was sunset remarkable!

But I couldn't wait to get back to our charming room
soak up the charm of this 
mid century modern retreat.

I am already making plans 
for a return visit.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. :-) Oh, this is beautiful, dear Tamera!
    Thank you for passing this lovely charm on to us.
    Just got back from LA a couple of weeks ago.
    I'll add this one to my "to-see" list for my next visit.
    Have a very HAPPY weekend and greetings from Vienna :-)

  2. They need your photos on Yelp! There are only old photos before the reno. Lovely Now!

  3. Wonderful pictures and story!! So glad it was a positive experience and it does look like fun!! Here's to many more adventures.