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Ellis's Wedding … Part 3

I am back today with my final installment of
 Ellis' Wedding.

Let me start off with a big thank you to our fabulous wedding photographer

Elyse from Plum and Oak Photo
who shared these sneak peak photos with me in crazy record time!

You can see more of Ellis and Elliot's wedding her gorgeous blog HERE
as well as many more love stories that Elsye
 has has captured so beautifully.

The ceremony for Ellis and Elliot 
took place outside in the Rock Garden.

Here's my beautiful Momma and Dad
walking down the aisle .

One of my highlights of the wedding
being walked down the aisle by my son Slater
stopping to touch hands with a dear friend
in a 
"this is really happening" moment.

In come the beauties in Ellis's wedding party.

And the bride makes her entrance
on the arm of her bursting with pride Dad!

The first glimpse our groom had of his gorgeous bride.

A moment that had huge emotion on all sides!

The final hug for his little girl
before she becomes a Mrs.

The vows were heartfelt and so full of love.

Elliot's vows left barely a dry eye anywhere.

Literally as soon as the ceremony concluded
the sun came out in a full shine!

Oh the joy in this shot …
why her Dad and I  did all we did!

I was so happy the bride and groom
took the opportunity  to walk across the street after the ceremony
for pictures on the beach!

The grand entrance.

Long awaited first dance.

Fabulous speeches were made.

A dance with Daddy.

Taking in such touching family moments
that will last a lifetime in my heart.

The groom dancing with his lovely Momma.

Then it was time for the party!

The dance floor was absolutely packed
so much fun!!

Some cake cutting.

How stunning is this cake
that our extraordinarily gifted florist
worked her magic on!

At the end of the night
Ellis revealed a surprise we had for Elliot …

A Cigar Bar 
out on the cocktail patio!
A perfect way to say thank you 
to a groom who had worked tirelessly on projects for the wedding!

Whiskey and cigars
were a perfect finishing wedding tribute!

And  then in what what seemed like a flash
the evening was done
Ellis and Elliot were off!

I am ever so grateful for these priceless photos
to be able to relive the love and joy
of an epic family event.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. Oh Tamera. These photos!! What a wonderful event. About as perfect as can be. Thank you so much for sharing. XXXOOO

    1. Aww and thank you ever so much for following along dearest Connie! xox

  2. What a beautiful wedding and course you all looking stunning! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much Cindi! Did you see below where I answered where my dress was from. Have you begun shopping for your MOB dress? Wishing you a most loving journey until your big day! xox

  3. Tamera I have read and loved your blog for many years but never commented. I had to today. What an absolutely perfect celebration of love and all the beauty it inspires. Your husband's face seeing Ellis in her dress made me tear up. Congratulations and every best wish to the newlyweds.

    1. Thank you ever so much HSC for your sweet words! It was truly a most remarkable day for our family! I appreciate you following along!!

    2. That is me too!!!!! Following for years and much moments of sheer emotion! Loved that photo as well! Thans Tamera! Kathryn K

  4. I have loved your 3 posts, and am so happy for you!!! Where is your lovely dress from? xxx

    1. My Dress is from Beholden … and I layered it over a vintage YSL pattern blouse that I made over 30 years ago. I wanted to be sure to wear something that felt Me. The ball gown dress … did just what I wanted it to as well … especially the pockets! I have never been more grateful for an ensemble in my life … I really needed the extra boost of confidence … on such an emotional day! Thanks for asking my dear! xox

  5. Every detail is exquisite, and the joy of your family is wonderful to see. I too have been wondering about your beautiful dress - the lace is extraordinary, and I wonder if it is antique?

    1. Great eye dear Patricia! The lace is indeed antique! I found it over 30 plus years ago in Los Angeles … and then I sewed it into a YSL pattern. This blouse has served me well in all of it's incarnations … none more important that that 'big day'! xox

  6. What a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous wedding!!! Every detail, every moment captured -- I felt the joy and the poignancy of it all. Congratulations, and thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Judy thank you so much for following along and commenting my dear! I truly appreciate it!

  7. I LOVED The GROOM holding his eyes upon seeing HER!
    BEST WISHES to the NEW COUPLE.............

    1. I know … Elliot's reaction was absolutely Priceless!! And you should have heard his vows to Ellis! This Momma's heart couldn't have asked for a more loving husband for her girl!!

      Thanks so very much for visiting my dear! I truly appreciate it!!

      And Yes, I did it!!! xoxo

  8. The bride seems to be the most relaxed person in that ceremony.
    Admireable ...E&E ....a very handsome couple
    The entire slideshow reflect a day of love and lots of emotions.
    Simple heavenly.

  9. It was all so beautiful! Thanks for this wonderful sharing.

  10. Such a beautiful wedding, Tamara...and everyone looked gorgeous. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

  11. The photos were just amazing. Hard not to get teary seeing each one. I hope E & E had a fabulous honeymoon & all their dreams came true xox

  12. Hi Tamara, I recently found you and your blog and I'm so pleased I did! Thanks for all the amazing pictures and of course I especially enjoyed your fantastic flower crowns! May I ask you if I can use some of your 'crown pictures' for my blog? It's not online yet, but this post I'm writing is all about flowers, botanical ones, art and photography. Please let me know, wishing you all the best!

    1. Hello Maria! Thank you for your kind words my dear! Yes, you may use my pictures on your post …Thank you ever so much for asking! Your upcoming post sounds beautiful!!

  13. I have LOVED follwoing you Tamara! Chills all around!! Lovely Lovely post! I had been waiting all year! Thank you! PS You look GREAT on your Date Night as well! You are a FABULOUS dresser!! Best! Kathryn K

  14. Such joy and beauty at every turn!! Your parents are just precious!! What a day to treasure and remember forever! I would love to see photo booth photos, too! I bet they are so fun! :)

  15. So much emotion in these pictures, it made me weepy too, what a wonderful day and you are so so lucky to still have your mum and dad

  16. Well, these are some most romantic and lovely pictures I have ever seen over web. These are full of love, innocence, compatibility and more. I loved the couple very much. Wish you a great time ahead.

  17. In tears. These photos convey so many emotions, and solicit my own. It was very difficult to have to miss such a blessed event in person, yet these photos elucidate wonderfully. I am so thankful you have shared them. Thank you ever so much, Tamera. <3

  18. All wedding pictures are beautiful and lovely. Both of you looking gorgeous and fabulous. This wedding venue and decoration is superb.