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Advanced Style Book Signing

Last week I was lucky enough 
to go to not one, but two book signings
for Ari Cohen's newest book
Advanced Style Older And Wiser!

For such an exciting day
I knew I wanted an outfit that could take me from morning to night!

For me
the best way to always to that
is with a core outfit base
changes of accessories!
I for one can never stand to wear the same outfit day into night
even at home.
So simply changing outfit building blocks
is a sure fire way 
to feel new and refreshed
even when changing at a hotel or home is an option.

I had been wondering what I would be wearing for such an auspicious occasion
as an Advanced Style book signing
since I knew so many of my favorite style muses would be attending!

I opted for my go to color palette of my beloved cremes.
I chose a mid calf culotte
my always in rotation
Free People slip tunic
with a wrap tie blouse over the tunic
From this base I knew I could style several outfits for the days 
special events!

The first fabulous event was
lunching with the 
always chic and stylish
Dorrie from
Senior Style Bible
her beautiful daughter Jodie!
They were both in Beverly Hills visiting from Las Vegas.

Not only does Dorrie have a beautiful stylish blog
where she shares chic style inspiration
shows being 81 can look pretty darn fabulous
she has one of the most comprehensive Facebook pages I have seen!

With the help oh her daughter Jodie
there are links to great content on the web
regarding Pro Aging and style!

But even more important
is her high level of interaction and conversation
with her followers!

If you're looking for a great Facebook site
with plenty of the latest content on Pro Aging

You can also read more about Dorrie
HERE in a wonderful article about
Redefining What Aging Looks Like
done by the Irish Examiner!

Jodie had arranged a fantastic table at the uber chic
in West hollywood.

What a stylish movie production following this restaurant pulls in!
Chic people watching to be sure!

After lunch it was photo shoot time
where we had a few from Italy
who asked to be in the pictures!

After the photo shoot
Jeff and I spent some time exploring the neighboring areas.

We stopped for a cocktail at Sur.
Those of you who watch Vanderpump Rules
the Housewives of Beverly Hills are sure to recognize it.

Next it was off to the long awaited book signing at
Book Soup in Hollywood!

For the book signing
I did a mini change
that consisted of different accessories.

I added my faux fur vest
over my base creme outfit 
velvet hydrangea crown
vintage crystal earrings
bone and crystal bracelets
Tom Ford glasses
to better see everyone!

With these simple changes I felt 
perfectly freshened for the day's
next event
of finally
getting to meet Ari Cohen of
Advanced Style
 in person!

I was absolutely mesmerized by not only Ari
but the magnificent women from the book!

After such and amazing night
knowing my dear friend Elizabeth form
Vintage Contessa fame
would be down in San Diego
for another signing of
I knew I just had to go again
to get another book signed for my mother for Mother's Day
 pictures I had forgotten to get
because I was so moved by the conversations the night before!

The marvelous Valerie 
form my favorite kimono shop
Le Bel Age Boutique
in Mission Hills, San Diego
 was there as well!

To find out more about Valerie
her fabulous shops
check out the Antique Contessa's post HERE.

Another reason I just had to go back
was to spend more time with this extraordinary women
I have been following Sarah since she burst onto the Advanced Style  scene
a year and a half ago in Australia!
We have communicated on Instagram since then
as she travels the world with her new modeling career!
You might have seen her on the WWD cover last week!
And if not 
you will certainly be seeing more of her all over very soon!

Meeting the man of the hour himself
Ari Cohen of
Advanced Style
was such an honor!
He is so humble and sweet
I can understand fully 
how he is able to find such beautify in his street photography!
He is able to find beauty in everyone!

If you haven't gotten his latest book
I would highly recommend doing so!
I came for the personal style
but left
absolutely uplifted and inspired
by so many magnificent women
that truly demonstrate
that aging is to be celebrated
life is to be lived to the fullest!

It was a magical couple of nights
that left me realizing
every time we can get our soul lit to a higher flame
we are then so much more empowered to spread
that light to others!

As always my friend

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I would say YOU SAW ALL THE IT GIRLS!!!!!!!!!
    Did you get a chance to speak with COLLEEN?The lady in RED & BLACK?I met her in her shop a couple of years ago down in PALM SPRINGS.WHAT A DELIGHT SHE WAS............I was sorry VALERIE von SOBEL did not make an appearance in LA JOLLA, but I would image HER calendar is FULL daily.I TOO ADORED SARA!!!!!!!!!!!I do not get WWD any more........can you SNAP a photo and send to me PLEASE?Lovely to SEE YOU as ALWAYS LOOK SO STUNNING!Especially, with that DAPPER MAN on YOUR ARM!I must THANK YOU for SHARING about the KIMONO SHOP!!!!!It was from YOU I have ordered and shop via TEXT MESSAGES with VALERIE of CHATEAU BEL AGE BOUTIQUE and her STEP DAUGHTER JASMINE.YOU MADE THE CONNECTION for ME!
    I will be THINKING of YOU on your next BIG EVENT come the 26th...........................YOUR DAUGHTER's WEDDING!

    1. I did speak to Colleen! She is magnificent and makes me think I need a road trip just to visit her shop! Do you recall the name of the shop? Valerie von Sobel was also such a delight! She went out her way to hand me a tissue … as I was moved to big tears … hearing all of the remarkable women's advice on living with style, grace dignity and personal happiness! I don't have the WWD issue, but rather have seen it all over social media. I'm sure you can google it.

      Love your post on all of Valerie's shops! I realize there are a couple I haven't even seen! Must return soon!

      Thank you eve so much for stopping by for a visit my dear friend! Off to comment on your fabulous post darling!


  2. Oh Tamera - I was so looking forward to finally meeting you at Ari's book-signing party. We went to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in downtown Los Angeles for this fabulous event on Saturday April 30th . Jim, my husband, had such a grand time taking pictures of all the men and women who were dressed to the nines, and who just naturally "vogued" for him. I had my eye out for you, but alas, it was not to be.

    We stayed at the Omni, which is next door to MOCA, as well as toured L.A.'s newest art museum, The Broad. After the Broad, we walked to the former St. Vibiana Catholic Church and had cocktails and dinner in the "rectory", which has transformed into "Red-Bird" restaurant.
    The next evening, we listened to jazz at The Blue Whale, in Little Tokyo....really fun week-end for us active, styling boomers!

    1. Catherine can you believe … I didn't even hear of the MOCA event until afterwards!! I would have SO been there had I known!! And to think I could have finally met your gorgeous self in person, after all these years of communicating through my blog!!

      And may I say again darling … You need a blog! Your stylish life and travels are such an inspiration!! Jeff and I are looking forward to staying in LA, well after our daughter's wedding of course. I am definitely making not of all of your fabulous destinations … as they all sound divine to visit!

      Looking forward to the time we really do meet in person! Thank you so much for your visit darling!!


  3. What a fantastic experience! You got some amazing photos. Lucky you!


    1. Thank you Suzanne! It was such an amazing experience! I left in total awe and re fired up in my love for the importance of personal style!


  4. It's a day that would have left me breathless. I'm so happy you jumped right in for this amazing ride. Great photos. There's such a whirlwind going on with 40+ women and style. You are part of it. Love your look, and I'm so happy to see you and Dorrie together. That must have been a blast!

  5. Whaouh I really really would like to be like this at their age..... Its incredible, I think that they are in good health and kerp a good moral! Its so important at a certain age. You Tamera you are beauuuuuutiful. Nothing TO SAY MORE. You have so much light into your face you look so happy. Bravo from France.

  6. Waouuuu, your are my idol in style and I love your rich contents of fashion, your so wise, and I think many women learnt across to you to How can be originals and make own style, thanks and my congrats for that success, Blessings, My favorite goldenfashionblogger.Your fan, Grace.

  7. Oh Tamera. You look so beautiful. You must have really Wowed them at the Advanced Style signings. I was all set to go to the one in La Jolla and I blew my back out in yoga that morning! Can you even believe it? I was and still am Super Bummed Out!!! I had my own little outfit all picked out and I was so looking forward to meeting my Instagram friends in person. But I got to experience it a little bit through you. Thank you, Sweetie. And keep up the inspiration. You are a Star!!