Andaz San Diego … And What I Wore

We spent last week in beautiful, sunny San Diego
at the fabulous
  Andaz San Diego

My first stay at at a stylish  Andaz Hotel
was in Napa and wrote about it HERE.

So when a chance to stay at the Andaz San Diego
came up
I knew it would be a great opportunity!

Especially when I heard about the 
rooftop pool and bar!

A stylish and comfortable room is always good
but throw in a glommed up pool with a view
you just got to great in my book!

Everything fashion just gets elevated in such a space!

We even had breakfast every morning on the rooftop!

The San Diego Andaz specializes 
in a wonderful farm to table healthy morning choices.

Come sunset
the spaces change into a perfect place
for sunset cocktails.

Music and cocktails abound
when it turns into the
Rooftop 600
at night!

The Andaz is a boutique hotel 
owned by the Hyatt.
The San Diego property sits on the edge of
the busy night life of the Gaslight 
the hip urban East Village.
This location means so much of Downtown San Diego
is all within easy walking distance
which is always my favorite ways to get to know a city!

Our deluxe room was spacious and light filled.

I always bring flowers for my hotel room.
Two quick bouquets from Trader Joe's
added so much for to the space.

From our room we could see clear down to Petco Park, Convention Center, 
even the ocean beyond.

One of my favorite aspects of our room
was the wrap around shelves that flowed throughout the room.
For me they were a perfect shade to stay organized.

I really appreciate the stylish touches the Andaz adds to their rooms.
With morning coffee being one of my favorite daily rituals
the Krueig coffee maker was appreciated
the glass cup choice elevated the coffee experience.

Morning light spills throughout the covered Rooftop.

Artwork int the rooms
just add to the glamour of the rooms.

The hotels location means
a quick taxi ride 
gets you to the historic Midway
where we enjoyed a lovely hosted event.
My favorite part was sitting in the actual helicopters
that had seen so much action.
A truly remarkable experience.

From the hotel there is an abundance of quick city travel.
The bellman were always attentive and polite.

We also dined at the famous Mr. A's
high atop Banker's Hill
which offers on of the most majestic views in all the city.

Downtown San Diego has what seems 
endless dining options
we got to see quite a few of them.

The more time I spend in San Diego
the more things I find to love about this 
beautiful SoCal city.

The spectacular water and Harbor Walk
are always a favorite of mine!

We lunched in Balboa Park
now I know I need to come back
to really experience the multitude of museums and gardens!
Truly the more time I spend in this gorgeous city
the more I find to see!

And the Andaz San Diego 
offers a stylish and comfortable
home away from home
to explore all the city has to offer!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. All your pictures are beautiful! I love your outfit choices and laughed when I saw they shoe selection as I totally understand the need for options! Great post as usual! Peace! Cheryl

  2. This looks like an amazing place! You did a great review...made me want to get on a plane and head that way!

  3. The more you show of San Diego, the more I would like to visit. It looks so attractive and is only one flight away from us! Love your yellow print skirt, which is gorgeous, and enjoyed seeing your wonderful jewellery set out ready to go, and the well-chosen shoes. A lovely post, Tamera. xx

  4. This is so beautiful place. It is my wished destination.

  5. I can't say enough about this place. nice photos!