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A Magical Party … and Another Instagram Success Story!

Last week I was invited to a magical 
Anniversary party
for the delightful
Diana or "FrenchyBubbles" as she is known on Instagram.
I was introduced to Diana by another woman on Instagram this year
who thought we  would hit it off
Shelly of PeoniesandTumbleweeds was absolutely right!

I knew the Anniversary Party
would be in Diana's spectacular ocean view backyard
so  I wanted to wear an outfit
that was as fabulous as Diana and her home!

I set out to design a crown perfect not only for the occasion
but a complement to my 
favorite vintage kimono.

To finish the look
but not detract from the dramatic crown
I chose some simple round sunnies.

The kimono is a bit long
so this time out I designed an oversized tassel belt
so I could belt it up jus enough.
Underneath I wore my double silk skirts and sequin shell.

It was one of these outfits that I just felt magical!
Which allowed me to take full  advantage of meeting 
so many fantastic women that night!
My favorite outfits are always the ones
that make me feel confident and happy
so I can put my full focus on others.

I especially appreciated meeting so many extraordinary woman.
The party was another magical  Instagram experience!
Thank you dear Diana for including me in your celebration!
You gather the most amazing souls
I was so honored to be among them!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. Your kimono always looks fabulous, Tamera, and the new crown is a beautiful accessory to go with it. I love your unusual blend of colours - magical. Glad you had such a good time with like-minded women. xx

    1. Thank you so much Patricia! Aren't the colors fun? I simply pulled them from my kimono! I appreciate your visit my dear!

  2. Spectacular pictures! You look so lovely! Peace! Cheryl

    1. Cheryl thank you so much my dear! I so injured your closet updating!

  3. Wonderful kimono and precious photos.

  4. That kimono is stunning and the crown is the icing on the cake. Gorgeously elegant as always!
    Accidental Icon

  5. Tamera I am sure that Diana's (Frenchy Bubbles) Anniversary party was absolutely fabulous!
    She and her husband were so fun and fascinating wen I met them while visiting Andrea in Laguna Beach!
    What an occasion! The world keeps getting smaller and smaller! Adore your ensemble of course!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Stems Soiree