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Sunset Beach Picnic

This Friday Date Night 
Jeff and I had a 
Sunset Picnic at the beach.

Our  picnic this week was inspired
because I couldn't wait to take my new
Gourmet Trotter Picnic Hamper
out for it's inaugural spin!

This luxurious beauty hails from the UK
comes stocked with linens, china and glassware
all loaded  smartly onto a golf bag trolley!
No more miserable picnic arrivals 
loaded down with all of my pretties and food and drink!
And now my wicker rolling cart can just be used for blankets and candles!

For our beach picnic
I chose to wear my cotton lace caftan
I found at Soft Surroundings.

I added my hat from Australia's Lack Of Color

Our loaded picnic hamper made it through the sand just fine
especially the harder sand was a  breeze!

Just a word of warning if you are picnicking on California State beaches.
Alcohol or glass isn't permitted.
But they won't come and search for it either
so discretion is best.
Once for a photo shoot I had an open bottle out  for the shot
 was made to pour it out by a patrolling policeman.
I recently found out they can even write tickets.

It's seldom ever a problem with discretion
but I wouldn't want to lead anyone astray!

As the sun began to go down
the beach quickly emptied out.
We are always surprised how empty
the stunning sunset beaches can be.

We came across abandoned sand castles …

that were being reclaimed by the sea.

We had come  to watch the setting sun
what a beautiful show it was!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. It looks glorious! How I remember the wonderful So Cal beach picnics of my younger years, as well as all the ones I have enjoyed in visits since then. Can't wait to be there again in a few weeks!

    1. Linda how exciting for your SoCal beach return! Wishing a beautiful and memorable visit!

  2. This portable picnic hamper is such a wonderful idea.

    Great photos!


    1. Thank you Suzanne! The hamper really is a picnic delight!

  3. I love Soft Surroundings! They have so many beautiful garments right now for summer resort and vacation wear. I also love your post, Tamera. How much fun for a romantic time!

  4. That wonderful pictures and beautiful caftan. The fabric and design are wonderful. Your look with hat and flowers is really nice.

  5. What a brilliant idea is the Gourmet Trotter Picnic Hamper. Picnics are such a lovely idea and so often hard to carry off easily but with one of those babies, it looks like a piece of cake (no pun intended). Love your caftan. Your photographs are always sublime. Thank you always.
    Vancouver Barbara

  6. Beautiful! And inspiring, with such a glam picnic, and you looking fabulous. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  7. Beautiful experience in all ways. Your picnic looks so fun.
    Love the egg cups! You look lovely and relaxed in your gorgeous caftan...perfect for the beach. Xo Jazzy Jack

  8. Just beautiful. The outfit and the photos and what a cool way to picnic.

  9. How wonderful, Tamera. Your lace caftan is so beautiful, and you look fabulous wearing it on the beach. That is the best Picnic Hamper I've ever seen - brilliant!

  10. Dear Tamera, what a glorious date night at the beach with Jeff. I adore your picnic roller, and the caftan is so luxurious!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Jackson Pollock

  11. Fantastic pictures and so romantic and the Hamper is genius construction

  12. I have so enjoyed your beautiful beach pictures as I sit here on a cold but sunny Winter's day. Your new picnic hamper is such a clever thing, no doubt it will have many outings. You are looking perfect for the evening in that dreamy caftan. xx

  13. So beautiful, so romantic! You know how to live!


  14. I often look at clothes in certain catalogs and assign them to my "fantasy life." But you're actually living it! Such fun to read!

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