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Jo Malone Brunch at Neiman Marcus

I continued my infatuation with Jo Malone
with a brunch at Neiman Marcus
where the exclusive scent for Neiman's was introduced over 
brunch in the Mosaic restaurant.

I wanted to learn more about 
Jo Malone's layering concept when it comes to their fragrances.

Neiman Marcus is always one of my favorite outings
so brunch and learning about fragrances
seemed a most lovely way to spend a Saturday morning.

The view from the restaurant.

The brunch plate was spectacular
as the food at Neiman Marcus always is!

However I was most put off by 
Jo Malone's  representatives choice to decorate the table 
with bad quality faux peonies …
during peony season no less.
For a high end fragrance company …
I must say it was quite a let down for me
as well as the very late start to the event.

I don't know if the fact that  the company is now owned by
Estee Lauder
 is in corporate mode
rather thank functioning as a  single proprietor 
had anything to do with the cost cutting choice.
Luckily the fabulous mimosas
soon took my mind off the faux choice
as well as the choice that was made by the attendees
to move the error to the ends of the tables.

After a leisurely brunch during which all of attending got to chat
there was an instructional segment
that began to feel like a schooled seminar
we were then invited back down stairs to shop.

We were treated to hand massages
as more of the layering of products were explained
this time clearly by the using of the products.
The Neiman's salespeople went out of their way
to sample the fragrances and different products I was interested in.

I left with some luxury splurges
with a body oil that can also be used in the bath for soaking.

I chose the sugar scrub to start the fragrance process
as well as a body cream.

To further extend the fragrance layering options
I chose a sampler set of fragrances
to round out my initial Peony Blush Suede choice.

I am definitely set for a while as far as fragrances go
as I look forward to coming up
with Jo Malone's concept
of finding my own custom scent as I combine products and fragrances.

I have definitely been enjoying the process of learning more
about the power of fragrance.
From wearing it
to introducing it into my favorite living spaces!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Lovely Peonies! You know how to do them right :)

    1. Thank you darling! It was so great to catch up with you yesterday!! xox

  2. Ok, seriously, they used faux peonies? I'm still shaking my head. Well, at least you were able to look beyond that mistake and have a wonderful afternoon. So wish I could have joined you (although with the two of us together we just might have gone and bought the real peonies). You look absolutely stunning, once again!

    1. See, peony mistake excluded, it was a lovely event! You would have loved it for sure my dear! Thank you for your sweet words my friend! xox

  3. Maybe they used faux flowers so they wouldn't compete with the new scent......just a thought...��

    1. I thought about that too; anyway, I love your honest commentary of the event. It's very refreshing on a blog !

    2. Rho … fabulous point my dear! Alas the fragrances we presented elsewhere. I guess I was just terribly disappointed because I had associated Jo Malone with peony luxury … and it was the height of the season. I have been terribly spoiled going to the French Basketeers gatherings I fear!

      Thank you for your insightful comment my dear! xo

    3. Thank you Frugal in France for your kind words! Very much appreciated my dear! xo


  4. Tamera, always a gorgeous setting for an event and it sounds like other than the faux pas with flowers that it was a lot of fun and informational for new fragrances!

    The Arts by Karena
    Closer: Michael Clinton

    1. Karena it definitely was a very lovely afternoon! I have realized today how very spoiled I have become attending The French Basketeer's events! Between Andrea and Mary … over the top luxury is what I always crave now! Thanks for stopping by my dear friend! xox

  5. What were they thinking? I think you're right about it being a corporate issue.

    1. Jennifer I agree, it must have been a quick finical decision! Thanks for visiting dear! I am so impressed with you Instagram video! You go girl! xox

  6. I love the Jo Malone roses scent...I was given the diffuser which bathed our home in rose fragrance for months.
    I do find it a challenge to choose just one scent many wonderful options.
    Your Neiman Marcus experience sounds luxurious!