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Peonies, Champagne and Laguna Beach

It was another beautiful Saturday in Laguna 
at the
 French Basketeer's
 French Food Camp.

Flowers were again done by Mary of Q Street.

This time there were lush gatherings of this seasons peonies …

as well as David Austin roses organically grown in Northern California.

Mary once again used dramatic grape vine branches mixed withinin.
Andrea's French linen oversized napkins are always such a luxurious finish to the table.

This months theme was 
with light French fare
plenty of Champagne tastings!

We were all asked to bring a bottle of our favorite to share.
I brought some delightful Sofia.

Cheeses were instantly made even more appealing
when laid out with grape leaves
such a fabulous styling tip to remember.

Andrea served one of my favorite summer salads.

Tomatoes, sliced peaches, barrata cheese
with a reduced balsamic creme drizzle
finished with basil.

It's as tasty as it is a summer beauty!

There of course was a desert bar 
this month Andrea has even tried her hand
at making macaroons!

The menu was a perfect compliment
to all of the Champagne tastings.
With so many glasses at once
it was easy to actually taste the differences in each
find new favorites!

The menu, champagne and setting
made for a magical afternoon
with some serious girl talk.

My wonderful husband came to pick me up 
for our date night in Laguna as usual.

This week though because of some great girlfriend moments
my friends came with us!

I thought the Deck in Laguna Beach
would be the perfect place
to continue our conversations!

The Deck is  always a popular destination on the weekends
as it is one of the few places you can dine outside
so close to the water!

My handsome husband was such a dear 
to entertain us all
as we filled him in on conversations.

We even ordered food reminiscent of 
the French Basketeers's menu.

I so enjoyed wearing  my outfit for the occasion.
I layered my tunic slip
with my Rachel Zoe cashmere sweater over
cream culottes from Zara
topped this  off with my very favorite antique kimono.
The finishing touches were all my designs
tassel earrings
an armful of bone and pearl bracelets
a turban.

It was a magical day in Laguna Beach from start to finish.
The kind memories are made of!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Magical indeed! That husband of yours is the sweetest guy ever, I just love how much he adores you. These fabulous Saturday outings are a dream, I so wish I lived near by, just to take in the setting. I'm definitely going to try making that salad.
    And once again, you looked gorgeous and so well put together. But the best part, it was pure joy and happiness that radiated throughout this post. Much love to you, my friend.

  2. Flowers, pictures and look wonderful.

  3. Flowers, sun, china, crystal, beach, food and most of all those incredible earrings!!! You look amazing.

    Accidental Icon

  4. I'm so glad you had a wonderful day, and mostly loved to see the party continue at The Deck; I'm still enjoying my flowers, isn't Mary fantastic!!!? Tea time soon I hope! XXOO A

  5. Looks like an amazing time! I wish Andrea would bring her events to Wine Country. I bet they would be a HUGE hit!
    You're looking stunning as always!
    xoxoxo, A

  6. Once again a feast for the eyes! You so do write the blog I want to read!

  7. I love it when you go to the French Basketeer - always a treat for the reader, too! The peonies are so beautiful (I never see them in Australia), and the grape leaves make fabulous table decor. Love your beautiful kimono, too. Best wishes xx

  8. Those peonies! Gorgeous!!! I just want to paint them! I have two peony plants in the garden nearly ready to bloom.

  9. Tamara it was a grand time as always!! It was so good to see you and the rest of the ladies. Everything was perfection for French Food Camp by Andrea!! I was so fortunate to be a guest at her Laguna Beach Estate!
    The Arts by Karena

  10. Wonderful post, looking at all the beauty and joy! Your photos are magic as always. Xo Jazzy Jack

  11. Your pictures are a wonderful way to re-live the day!
    Thank you for posting!