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Hello Gratitude!

Hello Gratitude!
My heart is full!

There has been a lot of really great going on around here!

My heart is ever so excited to be making 
It has been quite a while since I have been 
so creatively energized
as in
I can't wait to get through all of my other work
get back into my studio to create!

I have so many ideas for all kinds of crowns
I feel like I can't get my ideas out fast enough!
And I fall in love with each one!

I am so proud and excited for my darling daughter
 her new blog
The Ell Blog

Only two weeks out
 she already is working with the
Painted Palette
shooting some of their product for their wonderful shop!

She also has more collaborations lined up already
than I can count.

This all makes this Momma's heart so happy!
Ellis has really been searching to find her passion …
I think she has.

We all returned this week 
from a marvelous Catalina family getaway!
What a true pleasure it is 
experiencing time together with adult children.
The memories will live in my heart forever.

I have been getting ready for our Easter brunch this week!
With the vacation
my passion for crowns
it is taking some time to recover the house and garden
up to entertaining shape!

But I definitely appreciate the grounding 
activity of getting ones house in order again!

I am most pleased with my courtyard centerpiece I did for spring!
I simply took
 an old wooden tray
lined it with plastic and gravel
put in a flat of a flowering ground cover!

It's another outdoor centerpiece 
that I will get a least a month or two of use!

Now I must get back to my Easter prepping!

Thank you ever so much for visiting!  xox

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. This is wonderful! I get such joy watching my daughter get enthused about sewing and screenprinting after I have taught her. Such joy! I'll be sure and check her blog and shop. Like mother, like daughter!

  2. Have a wonderful Easter weekend with you loving family Tamera. I am grateful for so much as well!

    The Arts by Karena
    Ellipsis: Dual Vision

  3. Another heavenly beautiful post dear Tamera!! I love all your crowns, they are so beautiful and lovely, wished I could have them all! :)
    I think with only one of these peaces every woman would look like a princess :)
    Gorgeous pictures..

    wish you a great time with your family
    see you soon
    Dana :)

  4. I looove your joy in creativity. It is my mission in life to encourage others to show their unique creative beauty.
    Your crown incarnation is magical!
    I love the shot of the boats :-) xo Jazzy Jack

  5. Your daughters blog is adorable and I’ve forward it to all my 20-something nieces who will LOVE it! Of course, this 50-something will love it too!

  6. I love the shot of all the little boats at the mooring.
    If you don't mind I've posted it on my tumblr.
    I'll remove it if you wish.