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Catalina's Descanso Beach Club

I still can't believe this was my first trip to Catalina
after living in Southern California
almost my entire life.

Seeing the iconic Casino up close never got old.

Neither did the harbor.

We rented condos up on the hill
in Hamilton Cove.

Since it was a family vacation with adult children
a friend of mine
who has grown up going to Catalina every summer 
with her extended family
suggested getting two condos so we would have two golf carts.
Best family vacation advice I ever got!

Getting two condos provided together time
 separate time
which is one of the reasons
this was one of our favorite family trips ever!

The kids condo had spectacular panoramic views.

While the condo Jeff and I shared was right down on the water.

This condo had  the most spectacular sunrise views
right off our two balconies as well as a perfect place
to host a family barbecue the first night.

Having two golf carts for the six of us
meant there was always a way to get around the island
whether it was the guys all going out for a day of golf ….

or Ellis and I spending the day at Catalina's 
Descanso Beach Club.

When we decided to have a family vacation in Catalina
I had no idea that the beach club had recently gone under a multi million dollar  renovation
making it into a luxurious destination
with high end amenities.

I must say it was a beautiful surprise!

Besides being able to rent a loungers for the day
canopied cabanas can also be rented
if you want some protection form a days worth of beach sun.

Back a little ways by the grass
 you can even have a massage by the ocean.
A perfect way to recoup from a days worth of activities like
snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding or even zip lining
for the true adventurous spirit!

Ellis and I were most taken with the colorful floaties!
One even came home with my darling girl!
Nothing like floating in a flat ocean
 drink in hand
to say  vacation!

We were more than a little surprised though at what a late
to us
start the beach club has.
No need to hurry down as they don't open to 11:00.
But if your staying in Catalina I highly recommend booking your amenities
as soon as you know your visiting!
On perfect beach days like we had
they tend to fill up fast!

I can't think of another beach in California
where they can bring you drinks right out on the sand.
That's because Descanso Beach Club
is one of the last private beaches in California
with public beach access.

Their tag line
"Put a drink in your hand and your feet in the sand"
is a perfect description of their special amenities
in California!

It was the closet to Caribbean resort life I have found here.

 Descanso Beach Club also offers the only seaside dining on the island.
I hear in the summer they have a great happy hour 
that turns into the place to be with even  an evening DJ.

Planning an event in Catalina?
They also offer beautiful rooms to host a successful day!

In the summer season
it's almost worth the boat ride over to have cocktails
with this spectacular view
right on the waters edge!

While we were there
we did noticed many people who had just taken a boat over for the day
made their rented lounger
a base camp of sorts for the day.
Which I thought was a perfect way to 
go over to the island for the day
without having to lug everything around!

Even doing this post
has me wondering when the next time is
that I can get over the twenty six miles of ocean to
Descanso Beach Club
for some island resort living!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Absolutely gorgeous...made me want to go there.

  2. Dear Tamera, you are bringing back so many wonderful memories for me! Of course the Beach Club had not been renovated; however the views and the water could not be any more gorgeous and breathtaking! Like you I am wanting to visit again very soon!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Fabulous! As a life long Californian, I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never been to Catalina either. Thanks for the inspiration to plan a new adventure!

  4. Totally sold, we are just picking dates for our return trip to LA tonight!

  5. What a gorgeous place to vacation. The name Catalina always conjures up the image of old-style Hollywood for me!

  6. This sounds sublime, and I am loving following your daughter's blog too!

    One day I would love to move out to Cali and I am now thoroughly bookmarking this for future long weekend getaways!!

    India xx | See the Sparkle

  7. Stunning Tamera. What could be better than Champagne on the beach?? I haven't been to Catalina in many years, but think I need to go back!!
    Your pictures are just superb.

  8. Tamera! I want to do this too. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful place, being new to this area I haven't figured out Catalina island, it's still confusing to me. I didn't know much about ...never considered a little getaway there. I especially love how you and Hubby had your own private place. What a fun time with your family....

  9. The blue. It's
    The third shot is an absolute beaut.