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Green Glowing Smoothie

I have been drinking 
Green Glowing Smoothies
since I returned from my 
Blogher 14 trip
when I realized as much as I appreciated 
all that I have accomplished recently
it became clear to me that I needed to 
put more energy into my own health
as menopausal symptoms were on the definite rise!

Feeling very pumped up after the conference
 a beautiful visit with an old friend
I  left my usual comfort zone
while at the airport
 struck up a conversation
with a strikingly beautiful women
who was also waiting to board the homeward bound plane
to Orange County.

Lori is the kind of woman
that used to intimidate me
one with an absolutely perfect petite figure
perfectly done hair and makeup.
But this time at the airport I was much more interested 
in positive physical changes
than  giving into any feelings of intimidation
(the crazy part of the intimidation story
Lori said she was intimidated by me as well before we started talking)
so while we were flying home I asked her
if she could share any tips 
to how she had such a marvelous figure
at 50 years old!

Since our plane ride home
Lori and I have ended up being fast friends
I still refer lovingly to her 
as my nutritional angel
as she is so loving and generous with her 
beauty and aging advice!

Lori knows all about beauty
as she is an expert makeup artist
whose clients are Bravo's
very own Andy Cohen
as well as our local 
Orange County Housewives.
You can check out her site HERE.

Lori's biggest beauty and health tip was the
 glowing green smoothie
which is found in 
Kimberly Snyder's 
The Beauty Detox Solution book.

I have been starting my day with
the recommended 
water with 1/2 of lemon and a probiotic
followed by a green smoothie
for over six weeks now.

 I must say 
I do feel much better
 have shed the nasty extra menopause pounds that had crept up.

I have waited the six weeks 
to mention the green smoothie on my blog
because with my history of eating disorders
I have to be very careful
to keep my eating balanced
 not fanatical.

But now starting my day this way
has become a healthy habit 
that I can share.

This is the basic recipe but I change it up
depending on what I have in the fridge.
Some days I omit the fruit and add in extra greens.

I started out using my basic blender …
but after a month
I moved onto a Vitamix 
once I knew I would really use it daily.

I keep my organic produce jarred in the fridge
as I just love pulling the produce out 
when it's beautifully prepped in the fridge.

The green smoothie recipe makes two generous servings
so I drink one in the morning
save the second in a wide mouth lidded mason jar
to have as an afternoon pick me up.
I was really surprised
how filling they are 
 how good I feel afterwards!

It certainly takes more time to make the smoothies
than just grabbing something quick in the morning
but by my age
I have realized 
extra time dedicated to heath and beauty
are definitely 
 well appreciated and necessary  steps in
Self Care.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. Lovely photos Tamera! I'm a green smoothie girl too! I've been drinking them for years. I love my fruit to be frozen, especially the bananas. I peel and slice them and keep them in a container in my freezer.

  2. Sue … thank you for the great tip about freezing the bananas … they always seem to get too ripe before I use them! I will definitely be adding them to the rest of my frozen fruit!

    Thanks for visiting my dear!


  3. I love smoothies and juicing so I need to try this recipe. I have done some similar. This is how I lost 27 pounds this year.

    1. Wow Kim!! What an accomplishment! Kudos to you my dear! I'd love to hear any tips you'd love to share!

      Thanks ever so much for visit today … and for the lovely feature shout out for my fall decor [post ... you did on your Wow Us Wednesday post!


  4. Here we are sync!I read a book called ACCIDENTLLY OVERWEIGHT recently and I too start my day with warm lemon and water.........then I have my GREEN JUICE!I use SPINACH,banana and pear.DELICIOUS.Very similar to yours.This book talks about sugar and the elimination of it from our diet.I have a friend who lost 30 pounds by doing this...........ITs NOT EASY here in the STATES as everything has SUGAR!Even yogurt!I have been doing for about four weeks and have seen the TUM ~TUM slowly reduce!I do have more energy too!HAPPY YOU found a NEW FRIEND...................

  5. You know what? I copied the smoothie recipe right to my computer and got up and dug out my Vitamix from the cupboard! You had me on "menopausal pounds." I've been fighting with my urge to eat toast and jam every morning and I've been eating that for years. I think this will really help. Besides, a Vitamix is a costly thing just sitting behind a door. ;)

  6. Green smoothies always look so photographic and delicious !!

    We have a juicer at home which I often like to use in the summertime (carrots & apples are my fav)

  7. There comes a time in life, wanted or not,that dietary changes are necessary.your green smoothie recipe sounds better than most, and your photos make it look even better.

  8. Great stuff! Funny how things work out as the two of you were intimidated of each other and ended up being a blessing to one another! There is a message here for all women and for our girls coming up after us! Well done my friend. I can't wait to try this recipe.