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Self Care … In the Kitchen

I came back from my trip knowing there were a couple of areas in 
my life
that I wanted to clean up
 put more directed energy into them
to make them an on going priority.

The top one
My Health.

By the end of the trip I realized I was pretty proud 
 content  with the strides I have been making in
mind and soul
but I realized
I had not been putting much energy
into the 
body part if the equation.

I had for too long
'getting things done'
ahead of 
invested time in 
my body and health

On my trip
I really realized
I need to make friends 
with my own body
 showher more respect.

But this time 
it's not about 
oh I wish I was thinner
I don't think I'm good enough
so I want to change thought process.

This time it's quite the opposite.
It's rather
I like who I am becoming
I want to travel this life
in a body that is fit and healthy
to ensure the active lifestyle I pursue
 the good I want to accomplish.

I realize I am not young enough to ignore
my own health.
This year at 55 I have begun to notice 
physical changes
that I can no longer ignore.

I have realized 
a shift in priorities is necessary.

This week after a trip to the farmers market
we have invested time into 
good nutrition
A much needed investment in ongoing
Self Care.

After our trip to the market
with lists in hand
we came home and prepped it all
storing the bounty in jars!
They ended up so beautiful 
and were a joy to use!

Even the refrigerator was beautiful!

I must say
making the produce pretty
was a huge success!

It was the first week 
that everything has been used up in our house!

I was happily surprised 
how fresh everything stayed in the airtight containers!
I can't wait to go back to the market tomorrow!

Making nutrition a priority
means  allocating more time
to meal preparation.
I have to continually remind myself
that making time for this
is a good thing!

Figs were made with goat cheese
drizzled with honey and broiled.
I can't believe we have never used these 
sweet treats before!

Heirloom tomatoes with burata  cheese,  basil and balsamic vinegar
made it to our weekly family dinner.

I must say making healthy foods a priority
takes some true effort on our part.
My daughter has been totally on board
so it makes it so much more fun and doable.

I think true changes happen slowly
with intent and grace.

I still love the adage

Small steps

I began my blog and business
with this 
chalked onto my studio board
and it has served me well.

Any positive change has to be gentle
in the beginnings
for it to really catch hold
in your heart
to become a new habit.

Self care intent
must be gentle and kind
it can end up feeling like just one more 
unaccomplished defeat.

Trust me 
I know.
I have been on both sides of the journey
enough to know now that 
 true self care
begins with a gentle hand
nurturing self talk.

One calm step at a time.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I love the idea of putting the prepped produce in jars -- I'm going to try that myself! Thanks for another beautiful post!

    1. You are quite welcome my dear! I am amazed that all of the prepped produce stayed so fresh for the entire week! I think in is the air tight seal with using the canning jars!

      Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Oh those jars liked with healthy veggies look so fresh and tasty.
    Your figs sound wonderful and I can just imagine how delicious that heirloom salad would taste.
    Love your spirt of enthusiasm and such a pretty picture of you at the end of the post....lovely shawl.

    1. Thank you my dear for your kind words! I have been so excited with our pretty veggies! For once, they are being regularly used!

  3. 'Tis the season! Fresh fruits and veggies, and stored in clear mason jars! Gorgeous and practical! They say we eat with our eyes first, and I'm all kinds of hungry now! Up here in Vancouver, we are in the best season for local farmer's markets...there is so much good, pure, just picked food available.

    1. Thank you for visiting my dear! I can only imagine what fabulous bounty you have in Vancouver!

  4. You look healthy and happy, Tamera! This is such a great color!! This is where I am right now. I need to have my body healthy in order to do all that I do. It must be a priority and I am in the condition I am because I put it at the bottom of the list too long! Great refrigerator organization. I need to do this Have a joyous Saturday!

    1. Pam thank you for visiting my dear! You are always an inspiration … to remember … we all matter … and an investment in self care ... always needs to be made a priority!

  5. I love our blog. It is often filled with wisdom! And it is always lovely! jars, you bet - I shall steal your marvelous idea. But more than that? Yep! I like your attitude towards self and at nearly 68 - I shall adopt it. Thank you young lady for all that you have given me today! I really appreciate it.

    1. Liz … thank you my dear … for your loving and gracious words! They are a gift to my soul!

  6. Tamera, Love this colorful and artistic creation of goodness! I hope that you enjoyed your day with Andrea As well!
    Do tell, where did you find your wonderful selection of jars!?

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Thank you dear Karena! Time spent with Andrea is always inspiring … isn't it!

      The jars have been collected … some form our grocery store … and many for T J Max! I was happily surprised what an array the latter had to choose form! The canning jars from the grocery store … have kept the veggies wonderfully fresh!

  7. This is so inspiring!! Now I'm going to end up cleaning out my fridge and head to the organic grocer. What a wonderful idea to make it ready to eat. I bet we waste less this way.
    Gorgeous ensemble at the end of the post too. You have a fantastic way of layering and mixing things.

    1. Joni, prepping the veggies ahead of time has been a huge help … in actually using them … with out much waste. Before making them pretty … our produce made it into the produce drawer … to suffer a slow, rotting existence. Out of sight … out of mind … was their fate! Now, not only seeing them … but investing time in executing and discovering healthier ways of eating … has our family using and eating the produce … that was always bought … with the best of intentions :))

  8. The jars are so pretty I am getting hungry! Thank you for the inspiration of our conversation yesterday and in this beautiful post! xxoo~

    1. My dearest Andrea … thank you for your continual inspiration … on so very many levels!

      much love.

  9. Hi Tamera, what a great idea! Your blog is so inspiring and creative. <3 your outfits. I work from home full time, so getting dressed for me is a big deal. Thank you for the great posts.

    1. You are most welcome my dear! Thank you for visiting and leaving the gift of sweet words!

  10. dear lady, you're inspiring and fabulous and Wise!!, love this post (particularly), love figs and vegetables so beautifully placed and looking so delightful!!, healthy food must to look colorful and appealing and you made a great job!
    Obviously, you look gorgeous too!!
    besos & vida!

    1. My dearest Sacramento … thank you for your sweet words my dear!

      I have been most taken with your artistry with embroidery … that you have shown on instagram! You are always such an inspiration to live a vibrant life!

  11. I need to heed some of your advice! One step at a time! Love the produce in jars!!

    1. Yes Cindy … I do really think one small step at a time … makes all the difference!

      Thank you so much for your visit my sea! Love your blog!!

  12. You are always so chic and adorable all at the same time!!