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Blogher 2014 Return

I am back from Blogher 2014!

The conference exceeded my expectations!

I am still processing what I learned
not only at the conference per say 
but also
what I learned from the experiences 
on what I call 
the margins
of the conference.

Next week I will be doing a recap 
of my favorite parts of Blogher 2014
as well as a post on
Conference Self Care.

I have realized attending conferences
 even traveling alone
investment in self care
is an investment in 
getting the most from any trip!

I have also  been to enough conferences and solo trips now to know
 to schedule two days down time upon my return.

Time to decompress
reengage with family and my home.
When I get back from a trip
nothing grounds me like getting my house in order

Cleaning and gardening 
end up to be perfect opportunities
to process what I have learned
time to let the emotion slide off the events
a clearer picture
of what I want to incorporate 
into not only my blog
but my life as well.

I was quite impressed with the beauty of San Jose
the host city of the conference.
I took the opportunity to 
walk most of the downtown area
 was most impressed with the amount of art in the area.

My packing system served me very well!
I had made a list of all the activities
and then
styled an outfit for each occasion.
This investment in time
enabled  me to enter each new event with confidence

giving me again
an opportunity to put my best face forward!

It was a beautiful morning walk 
from the hotel to the conference
The more I walk
the better I always feel!

On  the mornings time permitted
I treated myself to a healthy in room breakfast.
I put much intent into 
any healthy choice I could make
in order to 
get the very most from the trip ...

like happy moments reconnecting 
with old friends …

as well
the ability to take full advantage 
of connecting with new kindred spirits!

By investing in my system of 
Conference Self Care
I was able to seek out 
so many fabulous 
new ideas and vendors
as well as  luxuriating in time spent with
 so many fabulous women who made up the conference!

I consider my trip
a great success!
It was not without challenges
but just like anything in life
 the more we do something with
 the intent to learn
the better we get at it!

Next week I will be sharing not only my
Conference Self Care ideas
but my
Blogher 2014 Highlight Reel 
as well!

Until then ….

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Love your big glasses Tamera! And I totally agree with you on the self-care with travel. I need that kind of downtime and alone time and re-entry time too to process everything and get the most out of it and simply rest from all the over-stimulation, however fun! Glad you had a wonderful trip and look forward to what you have to share about the blog conference. 'Til then, enjoy time in your lovely back yard!

  2. Thank you Kathryn! Yes, I agree some simple steps can definitely make any trip more meaningful!

    Enjoy your toes in the sand … and prepping for your party my dear!

  3. So glad you enjoyed this conference with new friends! The more you travel, the less transition time is needed to re-acclimate. Your world becomes bigger, and you are simply engaging different parts. Home takes on a different meaning altogether, and the value of your investment into one spot is based largely on your comfort level of engaging in the world and in what manner. Isn't it lovely that today, we can engage with those all over the world from the comfort of wherever a laptop or tablet may be! No packing required!

  4. Your weekend sounds like fun.
    Tamera I want to compliment you on your radiant and healthy complexion.. It is absolutely gorgeous and considering the fact you live in a sunny climate you must be very careful with your sun exposure to have such amazing skin. Do you have any secret potions or lotions that you would care to share with your readers?

  5. Tamera I can tell you had a great time and you were with so many other super ladies as well. I am excited to hear more!

    The Arts by Karena

  6. Tamera I was so happy to see your blog post pop up in my feed! I can't wait to hear your impressions of the conference.

  7. Your are radiant! Your self care focus is working its magic and your discipline is inspiring!