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It's All White

overalls-Anthropologie, sequin tank-Old Navy, blazer-Tory Burch, shoes-Jeffrey Caampbell
turban-TameraBeardsley, bracelets-Tamera Beardsley Design

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. I always love seeing your outfits.The first thing that comes to mind with this one is-'brave'. Why? Because it's white and well, I'd end up staining it somehow :) The ensemble looks great. What lipstick is that? It's a beautiful shade that looks like it would go with almost anything.

    PS-I hope this mothers day finds you starting out with a cup of tea in your lovely garden. Have a great day and insist on giving yourself credit.

  2. You look like a goddess in white, just beautiful!! Happy Mother's Day to you. (I'd also love to know that lipstick shade, so pretty!)

  3. Springtime beauty! How I love your monochrome outfits. You are inspiring me to completely rethink how I put outfits together. And I second the request for info on the lipstick- it is gorgeous on you! Perfect shade.

  4. Gorgeous whites, perfect for Mothers Day. Hope you are having a great day, and I too, love that lipstick!

  5. Hello my lovelies … to answer the lipstick question … it is Chanel's Engmatique #135 … with Chanel's gloss #297. They are both shades with an orangey undertone … and they do seem to go with so many looks. I never would have tried them, if it wasn't for the counter makeover I had … in my attempt to try new colors … after wearing the same shades for years! I am even playing with a bright orange this season … to bring a new pop of color to my many, many nautical stripes :)).

  6. You're in my fave color.. White!
    I am always playing "where's Waldo" when seeing the backdrops you choose. But this one is not coming to mind as a wall of greenery is rare here. It reminds me of the Bev Hills Hotel. Which spot did you choose?
    And I appreciate your 6th photo.. and what it takes to get there.
    That's the soul shot!

    1. Denise … you are quite right about the unusual, for our area wall of greenery. I even picked it because it reminded me of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Believe it or not … this living backdrop is located in Old Town Orange … right around the corner of the train depot :))

      Thank you … I know you can appreciator the journey … to the 6th. xox

  7. Clean and fresh and simple and beautiful, Tamera! xxx

  8. Love the photos of you clicking away!
    I put your necklace up today........go take a peek!I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT!

  9. Not too many women can radiate this kind of beauty in all white, but you just glamorized ALL WHITE to being the perfect sunshine attire. I adore those overalls (wish I were maybe 6 inches taller and could give them a try). I also love how you chose to pair this ensemble with one of your wonderful turbans, it just kept the look so clean and fresh. Beautiful as always.

  10. You are such a movie star, Tamera! You should be walking Rodeo Drive in this outfit! So chic and expensive looking! Gorgeous!

  11. You look so fab Tamara! I left you a Mothers Day message on my site!

    The Arts by Karena

  12. You look so glamorous, very 40s movie star...

  13. Loving the all white - so chic!

  14. How lovely you look in white. I play with all black, but you have inspired me to enter new territory. The white turban is magnificent!

  15. Your look stunning Tamera! I can't wait to wear more white as the weather gets better. The turban is a wonderful accessory! xxleslie

  16. You have such a zest for life, it just shines !!!!