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Domaine Carneros … and … Moments I Will Always Remember

was certainly the grandest property 
we visited on our
Blogger's in Napa Valley trip!

Founded in 1987
by Champagne leader
Claude Taittinger
Domaine Carneros 
notable sparkling wine
Pinot Noir
from California's Carneros appellation.

Driving through the 'famous gate'
up the winding road
through the spectacular grounds
I knew we were in for 
something spectacular!

The main building  was completed in 1989
 in the 18th century chateau-style
and was
  architecturally inspired by the 
Chateau de la Marquetterie
owned by 
Champagne Taittinger
in Riems France.

Taittinger was an enthusiast for western wines
who began scouting for properties in the region
in the late 1970's
realizing decades ago
what a promising future the area was to have.

Taitinger hand-selected
Eileen Crane 
as Domaine Carneros's
founding winemaker
making Eileen one of the industry's
pioneering women.
She continues to be 
Domaine Carneros's
first and only
sparkling wine maker.

The methode champenoise 
is applied to all sparkling wines.
(I had learned years ago
that only sparking wines made 
in the region of Champagne France
may be called Champagne
just as only whiskies made in Scotland
may be called Scotch.)

At Domaine Carneros
the views
were truly breathtaking
on a picture perfect day ...

For me 
being there that day
was unforgettable.

Not only for the immense beauty
truly spectacular sparking wines
also for  the people that joined me
on this remarkable adventure.
Being around others
Charlotte who owns
C. Milan Communications
a PR firm
specializing in the  wine and travel industry
who arranged the tasting.
Charlotte is also 
a young mother 
who is just as passionate
about her new son
as she is about her stellar clients.

The passionate people at
Domaine Carneros
whose excitement
for their product
was palatable.

And, for  of course
traveling with some of my 
favorite bloggers
who now I am now honored to call friends.

It was all just such a moment in time for me.

It made me realize
just how happy I was to be back
in the working realm
I kid you not
I had to choke back tears
at just what a meaningful
moment it was for me.

Feeling tremendous gratitude
to be working
in an industry I love
in complete awe
for the
ability to move forward
in designing a career
that is able to
so many of my own passions.

In that instant
in the most stunning of vistas
I  also realized
just how important
courage can be.

How sometimes
accepting one's own venerability
still moving through it
can take you to some 
incredible experiences in life.

Looking around
I committed that moment
into my heart
to remember
next time 
I am nervous or scared
to put myself out there
try new roads.

That with 
acceptance of the uncomfortable
there is so much 
great yet to be experienced.

to the  sparkling bubbles ...

Before my visit to Domaine Carneros
I didn't see myself as 
much of a sparkling wine enthusiast …
as many times
it gave me headaches.

What I learned was
I have not been drinking the good stuff!
Well, I Knew that!

But what I did leave with learning was

~ that the smaller the bubbles
the longer it has been aged

~ the less sugars present
equals less headaches after

~ sparking wine must be aged for three years to 
have a vintage label.

Thank you Sean  Donaghue
for your gift of 
educating information.

I must admit 
there was so much rich information
to take in
even with notes
there was so very much to learn!

I do think I need to plan
a refresher course
their  learning environment
is truly divine!

Another of my favorite parts of our visit
that was arranged by Charlotte
was meeting 

TJ Evans
who is the
Pinot Noir winemaker.

TJ spoke with both
a gardeners heart
an artists soul
as he talked about that  ...

 the wine begins
in the vineyard …
TJ could tell 
the histories of each years vineyard happenings
their organic roots
down to the importance of
the flowering of the vines
 the scent of the bud break
to the magic in 
the Famous Gate.

was an enchanting adventure
that I would highly recommend
if you find yourself
in the Napa Valley

It was as sparkling
as it was informative.

I even realized
I do indeed appreciate some bubbly
now I just know
I appreciate 
the tiny bubbles
even more!

As always my friends 

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

disclosure - the tasting was compliments of Domaine Carneros. The opinions,
are my own.

Next week I will be completing my
Bloggers In Napa Valley series
sharing the rest of the our very luxurious trip
thanks to Mike …
our trusted and artistic
Napa Transportation limo driver.


  1. This brought it all back so beautifully!! The thrill of tasting their delicious wines on their majestic and grand terrace!! I also need a trip back. We learned so much and were treated so kindly. A definite must see for anyone visiting the Napa Valley. Wishing we could repeat this entire adventure. Lovely post my fiend!

  2. Another inspiring post. I am over 50 and about to start a new adventure and needed to be reminded how important courage is in life. New roads can bring us great experiences.
    Stormy Smith

  3. Such a blue, blue, blue sky….it's stunning. Vineyards really are some of the most picturesque places on earth…all the neat rows of vines lined up against the untamed undulating (what look to be treed) hills beyond: the contrast is brilliant.

    And yes, your point about courage in starting anew is so poignant.

  4. Tamera,
    First I have to say your photography is amazing. You are very gifted. The photos are gorgeous. I loved this visit and you did a wonderful job describing the sparkling and Pinot. I did not know about the small bubbles either! Yes, I am ready for a refresher course with you all!

    What really got to me was your description of how I also feel... The putting yourself out there and the acceptance of the uncomfortable leads to so many rewards and unknown joys we are yet to experience. You said this so beautifully and I want to print this out and keep it to remind me to keep doing this.

    The kinship from you all really bolstered me so much and inspired me. You inspire me and are such a lovely person. I love this so much and will share. xxoo Kim

  5. Oh how I wish I could've joined you all on this trip. Thank you for joining us for "How I Wear My: Sneakers." It was great to have you with us once again. XO, Jill

  6. I guess our" ASTI "has BIG bubbles then!!!!!I did not know that about the bubble size!
    I have passed that winery many times but never stopped by!Perhaps, a jaunt is in order.............

  7. Breathtaking and spectacular are right!!! Absolutely stunning property. I'm so glad you had such special moments as well... it has been so neat to see you transitioning back into your career. :)

  8. Love this! Napa is always a good idea!
    xx, Tiffany |