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Christmas Decorating ... The Fun Is In The Details

 Having finished all of the major Christmas decorating
here the my house

I have move onto my 
absolute favorite part

The fluffing details!

This year I am loving
layering in some natural finishing details
in my Christmas styling.

I brought in my buckets of 
Norfolk pines
that I am happy to report
have been with me since last Christmas.

As long as these are kept really wet
they have done well.

 I have lined all of my candled urns
with fresh cranberries
added Cranberries to my tray of candles.

 In the front courtyard
I planted some new trees in urns
added some plain red ornaments.

I  grouped them all together 
for dramatic impact.

 My front planters are thriving with
kale and lavender.
I am keeping the planters  neutral with just   some white accents
and adding in some red ornaments for impact.
This makes for an easy 
New Years transition.
I simply edit the red
and voila
a thriving January SoCal planter!

 I had a dear friend over for coffee today.
Which made for a perfect opportunity
to put my own spin on some Pinterest inspirations!

I used some recycled jam jars
to do these beautiful floating candle arrangements.

 They are simple and easy
my favorite type!

Any glass or jar will do
Just cut some greens
add water
a candle!

I used short votives
but tea lights will work just as well.

 The effect is clean and simple
I think  a large collection of these beauties
will be making it to my Christmas Eve table
as well as 
 being used throughout the entire season.

 My next inspiration was
to  use individual greens branches
in glass bottles.

I chose to use my basket of miniature milk bottles
that I bought at the delightful
store in Fullerton.
They are also online.
I found them when I did the Unique LA show
Check them out if you get a chance
My favorite product of theirs is
the message masking tape.

 Talk about a simple arrangement!

I just bought an assortment of greens from
the grocery store
cut individual branches down to size

placed a single branch in each bottle.

 With all of my pretties done
all I had to do was pull out my Xlarge wooden tray
and layer in 
coffee and cookies
 settle in 
for a cozy afternoon 
of catching up with a dear friend!

As always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Tamera you are a Star!!! Gosh I'll bet it smells wonderful in your house. Mmmmmm....

  2. Beautiful details, Tamera. Love them!

  3. WONDERFUL images, so festive, getting me in the mood for Christmas!

  4. Beautiful, Tamera! I smile when seeing the last photo's plate.. a 4-branch Christmas tree with one little ornament. Sometimes I think we choose what symbolizes us. A small sprig with a bit of joy. That fits me, in the middle of decadence. I'm wondering what fits for you. Ensconced in beauty, we sometimes have one ball of joy inside , clinging to a little sprig. Fortunately, there are friends who have the gift of adding a joy ball whenever we meet, exchanging gifts of honesty amidst encouragement. You, are such a friend.
    May your Christmas home envelope you and all who enter, with peace and Joy.

  5. I love these ideas! Simple yet elegant and I think I will make some of these myself.
    Your touches radiate joy.
    I wish you all the best for the holiday season.

  6. Thanks for showing us how to do the candles, Tamera! Love pretty!

  7. Such beautiful table styling.