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... summer styling ... beauty in the details ...

As summer comes to a close here in Southern California...
and I am getting ready to change out my summer seasonal decor for my beloved fall...

I am reflecting back on my favorites this year of my summer styling.

 I love changing out the bigger  seasonal pieces like
 pillows, rugs and textiles...

But it is truly styling the details
 that bring me the most joy in seasonal decorating.

The impromptu working in ...
of rocks from a beach stroll..

or the key to a Paris gate found antiquing with my daughter...

 I love working found objects into my styling.
The beauty of a piece...and a summer memory...
mixed perfectly into a vignette.

Collections coming together...

 used for summer picnics...
that sometimes can even happen inside.

Beads from my coastal collection...
mixing with more beach finds...
and my morning candle.

My summer flowers have been all white this year...
since my orchids have shown tremendous staying power.

Using a cloche is an easy way to add drama to  the  simplest of finds.

I love the texture and sculptural lines of sheds.
Using them to add in some   natural textures. 

White onions also find their way into my summer styling...
I love the color, texture and simplicity they can add to an arrangement.

My dining arrangement consists of found beach wood, a large found rock..
a ceramic sphere I have had outside for years...
adding in
the vase on the left...
part of Nate Berkus's collection at Target.

I love the imperfections of these shells that have 
been truly weathered in the ocean waters...
The stone bowl sets off both their textures and their coloring.

Casa Blanca lilies added some juxtaposed elegance.

Summer also found me using garden hydrangeas and mums...
I prefer using a single flower color at a time...
for visual continuity in out small house.

Vintage champagne glasses we found at the flea market
 worked perfectly with
St. Germain,  pink sugar crystals and champagne.

The dining table arrangement...
continued to change and morph all summer long.

Even my wooden necklace from J Crew found it's way
into a vignette for a while this summer.

as always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. This really does sum up the mood of late summer here in So Cal. Beautiful. I'm going to turn the big house fan on high and make a summer berry tart. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. What fabulous collections. You have such a great eye for the details.

    Thanks for the kind words on my blog.


  3. Your photographs are magazine worthy!

  4. Your exquisite taste in decorating brings forth such a serene feeling. I can literally feel the calmness and peacefulness that must surround your home. It's a true reflection of what your life is all about. Have a wonderful weekend.
    I'm looking forward to your fall embellshments.

  5. I love these natural textures, smoothed by time and the elements. What beautiful spaces you create!

  6. Gorgeous styling and your champagne cocktail looks luscious. The fruit tart is one of my favorite desserts in the summer time.. delicious! Sea stars, the wood, and your flowers .. stunning! Beautiful post! Enjoy the long weekend:) xxleslie

  7. I'm so impressed with your beautiful pictures. You have such a gift for styling these simple, natural, textural elements -- works of art! Also love how you use necklaces as interior accent pieces when they're not adorning your neck. Just perfect, Tamera.
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  8. Some beautiful pictures, with lots of art and sensibility.