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 ....greetings from London...
we are having a slumber party here at the hotel 

 having Ellis and Elliott  forgo the hostel
and join us...

we walked through Hyde Park on our way to  
Portobello Market....

 ...the store windows are dressed for Christmas...
 we enjoyed pubs and street music...

 found Jamie Oliver's store ...

 followed up great advice and enjoyed this establishment...
who's patrons have included the likes of Dickens...

 ...the tide was out on the Thames...
so midnight treasure hunting it was...

as always my friends 

I wish you love and joy 
as you you style your life



  1. greetings dear one!!! wish I was having some cheers and toasts with u!


  2. Oh this is a wonderful trip, what a great mix of things you're doing, very "real' London.

  3. Oh, a slumber party! Please tell me it included plenty of room service! :-)
    So, I also see that tutus are "in" in London. Good to know.

  4. It's been fun seeing all your snaps of London, just like looking back at my photo album after returning home. Keep on adventuring!

  5. I love the Hyde Park and midnight treasure hunt, as well as you looking right in your element with your jaunty hat. xo