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I miss my friends ... in the closet

I miss my friends...
all lined up so lovely in the closet where they live...
in the weeks of our unending summer heat here...
they wait...
we haven't even spoken in what seems like months...
feeling like strangers...
I pass by them quickly...
rarely giving them a thought...
as I reach once again for the few staples in my wardrobe that I can
 even with air conditioning ...bare to have touch my skin in the summer heat
it seems so long ago 
 that  we were happy together...
but as often happens with friends that become to dependent and cut off from others...

even the sight of them...the summer staples...
fill me with the dread of over familiarity....
of the feeling of unending boredom.... a season that seems unwilling to move on....

it is my old friends i covet now...
the ones that now seem to offer exotic promise and creativity...,
a fresh start...a new season to celebrate...
my normal credo of celebrating whatever season it is,,,
is waning in the summer heat...

as always dear friends....

I wish you love and joy
 as you style your life


  1. If there was a beautiful closet award, you would get it! I think I would have a very good time in there hanging out with your friends :)

    1. They would love to have you visit my dear! Enjoyed your wellies!

  2. lovely photos. clever way to describe how you've missed wearing these items :-)


  3. Wow, great lady, great friends! Mine are so messy and badly-behaved, they could learn a thing or two about personal space boundaries from yours. ;)

    I love how you have expressed longing and readiness here.

    1. Yes, but yours still possess a free and creative spirit...sometimes i worry mine are saddened by being forced into a life of such stringent order!

  4. Your closet looks so organized and the chandelier adds a special touch. I too am ready for the layers and colors of fall. What will the new season bring???

  5. I laughed reading this! I tend to feel this way much more on the other side of the year though--when winter and cold spring becomes warm spring and I can finally wear dresses and warm weather clothes again. I've never been a big fan of sweaters, but they are quickly becoming necessary!

  6. Tamera, your closet, that chandelier, and all of it is just dreamy.

  7. Oh my gosh, that is exactly how I feel!! Especially now, when, as you said, summer just won't let go! Loved the gorgeous colors and textures you are waiting to wear. I'm waiting with you!

  8. So fun to hear you having conversations with your wardrobe! I thought I was the only one who changes loyalty or gently caresses certain items as they go in and out of season! I was giggling and shaking my head in understanding reading this...

  9. I would like to be locked inside your closet

  10. Beautifully written. I miss those old friends too. Summer is endless in SoCal, isn't it?

  11. My dear i almost feel a need to apologize to you for such a tongue in cheek i know you are truly missing yours!

  12. I just got caught up reading this and your previous few posts...all I can say is that you really make me smile. I love you sense of style and humor.

  13. Woow! Gorgeous post! Love your blog! my best congrats!!

  14. come on california weather, tamera wants to get out and play with her friends!!!

  15. Your closet is so glamourous. I fear I now have closet envy!
    xo, A