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easy way to lengthen any necklace...

I love layering my necklaces
and have found an easy way to do so 
with pieces that might be all the same length...
just extend them!

working in the back of the necklace
with a couple of tools and findings
you can extend any necklace to your desired length.

The work horse go to tools
for extending
two needle nose plyers...

a bit of chain
in similar weight of the necklace your extending....
it certainly doesn't have to match exactly

A couple of jump rings
 lobster claw finding
or any closure finding
(all of these supplies are easily available at most craft shops)

to extend your necklace
simply open the back of the necklace
decide how much longer you want it...
open up one of the jump rings
with the two plyers

grab a piece of chain

 the end of the necklace
all together in the jumper ring

using both plyers
simply close the jump ring...

 repeat this process 
with the other end
this time adding in the lobster claw closure

 you now have a necklace 
that hangs just where you want it to!
it's just that easy 
to customize your own necklace!

Wishing you love and joy
as you style your life

thanks so for stopping by


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