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Parenting teenagers...

I have realized 
parenting teenagers
is not for the faint of heart...

one must stand calmly
in the face of teenage angst and anger

and meet these head on 

not at all easy
much prayer required. 


it is not about 
me and them

me and Him.


  1. Awww, I love this post! Thanks for the reminder! Miss you!

  2. Thank you Christy...I did this post to remind myself also.

  3. What a blessing to find you!!! Another Mom with teenagers, it's so rare for me to connect with women my age with teens! YAY ! I adored this post and couldn't have been better timing! I have been feeling this way a lot in the last month or so...I carry my daughters challenges and burdens with her, and it's exactly what you said, it's not for the faint of heart...She's an incredible girl, but these kids' emotions are so intense. But I remember being their age! Anyway, thanks, so so so happy to meet you! Can I "follow" your blog? I couldn't find where to...

  4. Oh and I love this when you said "It's not about me and them, but about me and Him" YES!