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Pismo Love

This week we took Ellis back to college
 in San Luis Obispo
after which....

Jeff and I stayed in Pismo Beach...

in our Airstream...

Jeff and I had such a truly lovely time 
with each other....

and we finally
enjoyed the Airstream.....again.

(I realized it works so much better with two people,
rather than 5!)

Jeff and I were able to 
tour the wineries of Paseo Robles....

we had the time to explore 
back roads....

we had the luxury of time...
to see the beauty 
in the 
small things

take beach walks....
and explore Pismo's
cliffs and caves.

This week made me realize....

I have invested well, 
and continue to do so....
(I have a few years left with two at home)

but the empty nest idea....

no longer 
scares me....

Wishing you love and joy 
as you style your life.

thanks so for stopping by


  1. Beautiful pictures!! That looks like an awesome get away!!!! I still have a while before "empty" nest!! Every season is a blessing!!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Regarding the empty nest part...the fact of the matter is that they often come back. I had an empty nest for 6 years and now my nest is bursting at the seams. Not only did one come back but with a wife, a baby, and a dog!

  3. Oh my Sue! But I can see that hasn't held You loved all your Alaska photos!