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What I Wore Where ... The Montage Hotel Laguna Beach

Recently I have been freshening my wardrobe for summer
mixing some new tops with what is already in my closet.

If you follow my

 Instagram HERE

you know that a couple weeks ago I challenged myself to

'Get Dressed Everyday For A Week'

It actually improved my quality of life so much
I have continued to do so!

I have found when I take the time
 to get dressed
in for me 
what I would call

A Real Outfit

I feel as though I am actually

Investing in 
My Day.

I am so much more willing and excited to 
go and do
new things.

Or simply enjoy my time at home.

Sunday we had a very productive day working in the yard
so going out for dinner felt like a perfect reward.

Especially since I had spent my Saturday
designing new earrings for my new top
as well as adding a little tule to give it a bit more flare and puff!

I finished the outfit with an equally wide flare pant and platforms
a scalloped edge straw hat and pink sunnies

A woven bag from Anthropologie finished off the ensemble perfectly!

I absolutely love when an outfit comes together perfectly!

And because I had a new outfit I finished

seemed the perfect place to go!

I have said many times 
on my blog here
I very often pick where we go
depending on what I want to wear!

We started dinner off with a cocktail in the view

Next we walked out to take in the
 extraordinary  ocean view.

We had dinner at the bar in

To be perfectly honest
I think the Studio a bit overpriced.

Usually my favorite there is always to sit outside on the patio
with the soft seating.

There you can get appetizers and take in the spectacular view.
We hadn't eaten inside in years
so we thought we would give it a try.

I still absolutely recommend the patio.
We hadn't been missing anything inside.

Love their decorative herb garden!

For me 
it's always about
The View!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. FABULOUS outfit; I love everything about it !

    1. Catherine thank you so much for visiting and reading! xox

  2. You look amazing! And what a fabulous earrings!

    1. Why thank you ever so much Nancy! I so appreciate your visit and encouraging words! xox