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Soft Surrounding Grand Opening

I was invited to be a VIP Media Guest for the 
here in Southern California!

So of course I was excited 
when I got to pick something to wear to the opening.

I chose this wonderful
And I was excited to style it with my own
SoCal  flair.

I added my new wide legged denim
with my favorite white shirt
for a  versatile white base

I have been working with Soft Surroundings for several years now
because they are a brand with a mission statement 
I can really get behind.

This page from Soft Surroundings PR kit is the same
Self Care Sentiment
that I am always talking about here on my blog.

Besides the company's mission statement
 I am always  also  impressed with the quality of the clothes
for the price point.
Take for example
the inside of the jacket with it's
perfectly cut accents Inside!
So when you wear the jacket open 
it has a wonderful finish.
And always a favorite of mine ... pockets!

To play up the Asian styling of the jacket
I added my antique Asian basket for my purse
as well as long Chinese tassel earrings.

finished my look.

My favorite part of wearing an all white base
without the jacket 
it's an entirely new look.
As much as I love any look I wear
I always love having a couple of versions of my outfit for a day out.

Soft Surroundings 
opened in the Mission Viejo Mall here in Southern California
bringing their total store to 65!
In a time when even long established brick and mortar stores
are closing 
Soft Surroundings
is  opening new stores like gangbusters.
I truly believe that not only do they sell quality items
but they are talking to a long forgotten demographic.
Their store opening had lines around the corner
I heard so many women say how they drove over 2 hours to be there!

Soft Surroundings has been around since 1995 beginning as catalogue shopping
so they  know their customer well

I saw one of my favorite books amongst their gift items.

Did you know Soft Surroundings does home good as well.
They believe 
like I do
that your home should be your sanctuary!

I was most excited to see their vast beauty section.
Definitely a one stop shop for middle age beauty products!
There was so much to take in and learn about!

As I have mentioned before
I turn 60 next March
so I am on the hunt for all the great products I can find
so to find so many of them under one roof makes my heart race!

They now even carry my favorite line of skin care.
I have been faithfully using
Erno Lazlo
since I was 18.
I found it at Neiman Marcus when I was researching skin care
for one of my Fashion Merchandising classes.

I still remember a gorgeous woman in her 60's
with the most amazing skin and style.
she told me she had always used Erno Lazlo.
I decided then and there
that's what I wanted.
I realize now all these years later
I am just about that woman's age.

This is one of the many products from 
 that I am interested to try.

I am determined to make this next phase of my life
My Best Life Yet!
So I am actively researching
new products and ideas
soul searching
to make sure I do just that!

I want to do this for myself
also to show those coming behind me
that getting older can come with a bounty of gifts!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. looks like a fabulous shop, and a lovely day out, you look fabulous as always my dear x

    1. It is quite a lovely shop! So lovely to have you visit here, from across the pond darling!! I am so enjoying your peaceful and inspiring nature captures on Instagram! Big hugs! xox

  2. Soft Surroundings has been the source of some of my favorite casual and comfortable pieces for years now and i’m Embarrassed to admit I had no ide they have brick and mortar stores! Or that they offered beauty and home products! it’s exciting to hear you and so many other fabulous woman our age embracing and owning it ... you inspire me! xo

    1. Thank you so much Julie for reading and your kind words. I had no idea until recently just how many beauty products Soft Surrounding really has! And what a wonderful company they are to embrace and celebrate women of their demographic. I for one am so glad they do! xox