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Tamera Beardsley Designs - Shop Open

My lovely little boutique shop is once again open online
It has actually been open a couple of months now
but I have been trying to keep up with the orders that have been coming in
without even mentioning my shop here.

I have the best customers ever!

You can read more about the history of
my designs and shop HERE 

But now I have hired a fabulous assistant 
 have my  shop in beautiful order
so I thought I would share
some of my new shop additions!

My grand two sided shell crown is one of my new favorite additions!
This bold piece can definitely be dressed up or down
because it is double sided it is as gorgeous coming as going!

For a simpler more casual look
this single row headband crown
definitely can not only  go with everything 
no matter the season
but can do double duty as a chocker!

My newest crown is a single sided statement piece with which to 
Crown Yourself
Crown a Friend!

Now in the shop is my favorite go to accessory these days!
A best seller and true staple in my accessory wardrobe these
 'Contessa Pearls'
strung on elastic
are a quick out the door with polish piece!

Another new addition to the shop
this bold set of 
Sea Bliss Bracelets with Pearls
is always a way to wear a reminder of 
soul satisfying walks on the beach!

If you are looking for a simpler, quieter piece
to be reminded of the beach
may I recommend this  lovely sea glass pendant.
Strung on the softest buckskin ever
this piece makes a perfect gift as well.

My jewelry pieces come boxed and tied
with a hand looped glass pearl charm made with a lobster claw
which means you can add this sweet charm 
to anything you want!
My pieces  even come wrapped with a  little present!

So whether you are buying for a friend 
or a beautiful gift for your self
it's  always a wrapped beauty!

To celebrate my shop's newest additions
this week, I'm doing a giveaway for one of my favorite pieces in the shop my
 Peace Necklace!

 The peace charm
is made of Howlite
which is found in only two places in the world.
Nova Scotia 
the other is right here in California.

Even just the  feel of this piece even gives me comfort.
Many believe that Howlite has special energies 
to reduce stress and anxiety.

 To enter my giveaway
 leave a comment below sharing how you find peace in a busy life! 

The giveaway will close Friday, August 4th at midnight
 the winner will be announced Monday the 7th! 

Best of luck
I look forward to reading how you find calm in your life!

As always 

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Love your style! My mantra is joie de vivre which is love of life! I am so grateful everyday and try to find joy in the small things. Ultimately, this brings me peace.
    Cheers to you, Tamera!
    DBA/ The Main Street Gallery

  2. I find my peace through meditation - Maranatha is the mantra I use. And I just try to do the right thing.

  3. These days I'm finding it harder to find peace in a busy life. Lots of rest, self-care and fingers crossed the day-to-day doesn't get too much.

  4. I feel like the times my husband and I go on a walk, is the best way to find my peace. Because we are by ourselves, and don't take our phones---we get to really talk and catch up and enjoy nature!!
    I love your collection Tamera!! I'll be definitely getting a couple of pieces!!

  5. Beautiful necklace! I find peace with meditation, prayer and also yoga/pilates. These days have been particularly depressing and stressful with all that is going on in my country Venezuela. t

  6. Having a 15 year old daughter I find myself running and taking her here and there. Especially when she is involved in so many activities. Don't get me wrong,I am thrilled that she is involved in dance and other fun activities. I don't mind chauffeuring so to speak. But there are those times I need to relax and decompress. So I take a drive to the beach. Living by Lake Michigan I am so lucky to be near such a beautiful view. All I need to do is sit in the car, roll down the windows with my Iced Coffee from Starbucks and listen to the waves roll in and out. It helps to breathe along with the sounds of the waves. It is very calming and renews the spirit. After about a 1/2 hour, I am ready to go and tend to life.

  7. I find peace and calm in motion. The back and forth movement of a rocker. I believe this to be innately bestowed upon me in the womb, where learning begins. I was rocked before I saw light.

  8. I find calm in the early morning hours on the beach...Just me and the glory of God in the natural world��

  9. Love your creations ~ florida girl here always loving shells ~ to find peace in our loud world, I work in my garden ~
    yoga ~ focus on "staying present" and I try to laugh with others, smile, and offer sincere compliments!
    Merci Beaucoup ~ xo

  10. I've started taking a mindful meditation class that is really helping me find peace and be more present in my everyday life. I never knew that my thoughts were not necessarily my friends, this has been a huge game changer for me and is leading to inner peace for maybe the first time ever.

  11. Stunning necklaces that look perfect paired with white. Thanks for sharing. x Jacqui

  12. Hi Tamera,
    What an exciting way to share your Love. I have a Brown Turkey Fig tree in my little backyard. There is an Italian tale that binds a woman's fertility and longevity to the Fig tree. Every morning these days, I can be found harvesting the ripe figs and cutting away the excess leaves. This tree is now 8 years old and every winter I prune her back by half. And every summer she rewards me 4X the crop of the previous season. This tree is resilient, and she is as beautiful as she is strong. She is a lot like me. In the peace and quiet of these early hours, I take note of her whispered offerings. It is my moment.
    Thank you Lovely, for sharing your Beauty!
    Diana Amato

  13. Peace and Love found in walks with my little poochie girl, Zelda. Nature and the sky along with the Guadalupe River, bring us a calm to our senses. Friends and a glass of wine can top it all off!

  14. Tamera. What a lovely display of jewellery you have showcased here. All pieces have a beautiful calmness about them. The Howlite certainly has such a smooth finish - I can only imagine how it feels.
    I love the seaglass piece - I have a lovely collection of seaglass I have collected off the Australian beach (and some wonderful pieces I picked up on the shores at Mykonos last year) which I just love but to see them made into beautiful jewellery would be wonderful.
    I love your blog and look forward to your new posts.

  15. Love that seagrass pendant. All of your work is wonderful Tamera.


  16. I walk my dog daily. Partly for her and partly for me.


  17. Lately, I've found peace going out to spend a few minutes in the sun, to let my feet touch the earth and let the light soak into me and melt with the light within. I feel calm, recharged and peaceful. I can think more clearly and am energized. I love your jewelry and the way you've displayed it and woven a story throughout this site.

  18. What beautiful pieces you have in your store, Tamera. I will be considering which I would love to have for myself. Nature always feeds my soul and brings me calm and peace - walking daily along a beautiful creek, being out in our own garden, even just pulling a few weeds, or visiting a garden centre - all bring joy and relaxation to my mind. Thank you for your beautiful post.

  19. I find peace riding my bicycle through the sidestreets of my neighborhood . I enjoy my neighbors' landscaping,or smell the flowers when there is a breeze,and I'm getting exercise too. I pray and just enjoy the morning air. Great jewelry! Hope your day is great......

  20. My garden is my place of peace. I go out first thing in the morning to listen to the birds and right now Monarch butterflies have been coming since I planted milkweed.
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  21. Your jewelry is so lovely. Last weekend I took a long drive on the Natchez Trace and found it very peaceful with its lack of a billboards, reduced speed limit, and the lush greenery of the deep south. Being outdoors in a quiet, natural environment seems to help eliminate my stress and increase my serenity. xoxo

  22. By starting my day with a quiet meditative time while savouring my cafe creme...and my Yoga practise.

  23. Congratulations on your new and stunning creations. Your pieces are works of art! Thank you so much for sharing your crown with Hat Attack.

    I find peace in my yoga and meditation practices.

  24. I find peace in my relationship with my savior and spending time starring at the lake from my little camper.