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June Hat Attack

It's been almost four years since Judith of 
began her monthly 
Hat Attack link up.

I found the Style Crone years ago when I was just beginning to blog.
Not only did I fall in love with her sense of style
 passion for all things headwear
most of all it was her resilience of spirit.

Judith has given me courage when I needed it most.
She is also  a shining beacon
of all the magic to be found in one's later years.

And may I just say
The Style Crone becomes more of a radiant beauty
with every passing year!

So for her Hat Attack link this month
I have rounded up my favorite 
hats and headwear of late.

This Lola straw with ties is my latest hat purchase.
The ties work perfectly for walk on the beach
or time on the water!

This is a vintage straw that I found at the flea market years ago.
It neutral color makes it a go to often in the summer.

If you follow me
you know how much I love a good turban.
From working out  ...
To going out ...
a turban is always a great hair fix!

I am still infatuated with Crowns
and lately it been all about shell Crowns for me!

Gaucho hats are having a fashion moment of late
Another versatile hat basic.

Because of my size and scale
I always love a wide brim.
Lack of Color in Australia is one of my favorite brands.

A neutral straw can go from sporty to romantic.

This vintage sombrero was one of my favorite
style challenges I gave myself.
I wanted to take an iconic piece and marry it with modern fashion.

Sometimes I have a hat for years
before I find the perfect outfit to use it with.
This red hat with denim is now my favorite market outfit!

Sometimes a simple beret cant be the perfect
outfit exclamation mark.

My cream round crown felt is another hat
that can have many style voices.

Elevating  a simple sweater and cropped jeans
to outfit status.

When traveling a great hat can take you from travel
to fun in the sun!

I have been making myself celebratory 
Birthday Crowns for years now.
If there ever is a day to
Crown Yourself
it your birthday friends!!

Thank you for visiting!
I hope I have inspired you to add a hat or headwear to your wardrobe!

As always my friends

I wish you love ands joy
as you style your life

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  1. No one, and I mean no one, wears hats (any kind of hat) like you do Tamera. I wish I could pull off hats like you. XOX

    1. Aww darling you are far too kind!! Hat wearing is all about loving wearing them! xox

  2. I AGREE with DUMBWIT.......................STELLAR all the above!WHY are YOU NOT on a COVER Of ORANGE COUNTY MAGAZINE Or better...................someone down there needs to contact them!XX

    1. Elizabeth you are such a doll darling!! I so enjoyed following along on you England adventure! Welcome home dear!! xox

  3. One word...ok five words. You were born for hats!

  4. Dear Tamera, Thank you so much for your kind words and for your glorious display of headwear on this post! I feel touched and honored! You really know how to wear hats and all forms of headwear in the most glamorous manner. I agree with Elizabeth. Every photo here is a magazine cover.

    I appreciate our blogger friendship of many years! Thank you so much for sharing your beauty and your amazing headwear with Hat Attack. Every month I look forward to your participation!

    1. Judith thank you so much for your gift of words my dear! And an especially big thanks for your continued inspiration. You have given me confidence and excitement about growing older! xox

  5. What an exciting Hat Attack, Tamera. I enjoyed it so much I went through it twice. In a sunny climate, a hat is a necessity, and your make each one look fabulous and so very stylish. What a great collection you have, and I am voting your big red hat as my absolute favourite! xx

  6. Oh Tamera , how truly wonderful you look in each and every one of your glorious headwear. I totally agree every one of these images is worthy of a magazine feature. I must admit to being a little envious of how stunning you look in your larger wide brimmed hats - they totally overwhelm me, way too short. You are always a stunning addition to Hat Attack - in fact I first found you in a wide brimmed hat there many moons ago.

  7. They're all such gorgeous hats, worn beautifully. I've had a duh! moment, though. I love on a small island at the other end of the Atlantic. Hats fly off on the beach (and of course are even worse when swimming in the sea. I'm off to thread tapes in my straw hats. This post is going to change my world, seismicly!