Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude

It seems I so often have to learn the same lesson again and again.

This time it's 


It's not that I forgot about the idea of

It's more I have forgotten the importance of 
Practicing Gratitude.

I know for a fact my life is ever 
SO Much Better
when I remember 
To Practice Gratitude.

But some how I always seem to let it fall off 
my to do list
in my attempt to 'Get things Done'.

Then I wonder why I just don't feel happy
feel like I do enough.

But when I take the time to even pull pictures of my week 
to focus on 
the Good
the Beautiful
I am awe struck at my simple life.

I believe so much of our happiness is about
'Where We Put Our Focus'

So as a virtual reminder to myself
I am once again do my weekly

Hello Monday ...Hello Gratitude Posts.

This week I am ever so grateful for our annual 
Father's Day barbeque in our backyard.

Even though my party planning was off
after having a crazy summer cold last week
in the end
 it  all came together and was a most lovely memorable event.

I was so grateful Ellis was able to come up
and work for me on Wednesday.
We have the train schedule down pat by now.

As we do for our first stop for breakfast.
Sometimes it's so fun to hang out with my girl
going back to the studio is a hard one.

Especially when there is Father's Day cocktails and menus to be decided!

Ellis has a forte for both cocktails and menu planning.
Where my first love is always clothes
her's has always been food driven.

Since before Ellis was even 2 years old
she has been fascinated with all things cooking.
She loved cooking shows from the days they only existed on PBS.

If you'd like to see her aesthetic expertise these days
Ellis has a gorgeous blog HERE.

Covering travel and cocktails
 and all the cool happenings in San Diego
Ellis and her husband  just recently got back from some beautiful European travels.

For Father's Day we decided on a Mediterranean menu.

I love assembling appetizers
 nothing makes that easier than my vintage ceramic sections on a Lazy Susan
my favorite Palm Springs find to date.
I will definitely be on the hunt on my return next month.

I  usually  have all of my entertaining prepped and planned 
hours before guests arrived.
This time I was quite behind 
so my table remained with just the basic settings ...

But no matter an unfinished tablescape
the food was good and the company great!

It was years ago I let go of worrying about the trivial aspects  in entertaining.
The older I get
I just absolutely savor the time spent together.

I am ever so grateful to still have both of my parents
to celebrate the seasons of life with!

I was so impressed by the creative effort of my youngest son and his girlfriend
on their Father's Day gift for Jeff!
Down to the ice packs wrapped in black fabric to make sure things stayed cold!

It seems not long ago
I was having such a hard time really fully letting go of my children

These days I am more often reveling in the marvelous young adults
all three of them have become.

It just goes to show
once again
the power of 

As always my friend

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Thank you for reminding us all of the importance of Gratitude in our lives. Your Father's Day celebration looks very inviting, and I love the gift the young ones assembled - so stylish! Today I have much gratitude because yesterday I reached five years cancer free, and my oncologist has discharged/graduated me from the system. Of course, I can always go back if I am worried, but I am so grateful to be alive and well, and to have reached this milestone.
    Lovely that you can spend days with your girl - priceless! xxox

    1. Oh Patricia huge congratulations on such a life marker! A most wonderful graduation to be sure darling! Thank you for your visit ... and most of all for sharing such heart warming Gratitude! xox

  2. Watching our children soar lets the most rewarding spirit of gratitude and contentment into our being.
    Beautiful post, dear Tamera.
    Your gratitude fuels.

    1. Lynne my dear ... you always have such poetic and inspiring words! Thank you for your visit ... and for sharing you darling! xox