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Summer Decor Styling

This summer season I have chosen to keep my seasonal styling simple
with a wind of a  coastal breezes.

Air plants are even abundant in my decor right now
because I love the sculptural swirling contrast they provide.
Especially mixed in with my unusual floral picks.

My air plants are thriving these days since  
I found out that they do best when submerged in water once a week.
I'm shocked my first ones  survived as s well as they did 
since I only misted them once a week before.

This summer I have once again mixed in my summer blues to my always  neutral base.
I have chosen to use the blues sparingly
  gone for more of the off beat dusty blues when I do.
The striped rug on the back of the couch
was my color inspiration piece.
I found this gorgeous rug last year at one of my favorite antique shops

I have added in my vintage screen in front of the fireplace
for a dash of color
 even more to stop the black hole that the fireplace seems to turn into in the summer.

My favorite time in the living room
is  the early mornings when the rising sun
makes the most fabulous shadows through my interior trees.

Cozy blankets still embrace the couch
to ward off an early morning chill.

Above the fireplace I have replaced  candle hurricanes with
my collected large shells.
A few shells are real
while the remaining are made from casts.

I love their sculptural and simple appearance
blending calmly with the textured wall hanging.

This summer season I am all about a cool and calm  interior.

On the dining table I have kept my glass cloches
simply done beach rock sculptures inside.
Capturing blissful beach  walk moments under glass.

My dining room centerpiece makes for 
a perfect shooting back drop for my coastal inspired 
 fashion accessory pieces.

It has taken me years to refine my aesthetic 
that blends seamlessly from shop products, brand and home life.

My advice on  developing your personal style
is to embrace pieces and textures that speak to your heart
while at the same time editing the unnecessary.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I just LOVe this room! (It's similar to mine....and I'm seeing where a copy tweaks in my own space would be quite fun!!!! I really like those urns on the mantel with the large shells in them!! What a fun idea! Your blog has been so helpful for me for ideas to spruce up my own space! I think of you as a kindred spirit Tamara! Cheers & loveliness to you & yours!

  2. oops, a couple of tweaks that is!!!

  3. Roxanne thank you for your visit and you your kind and encouraging words! So happy to hear this post has inspired you in your own personal style! Yes, we do sound like kindred spirits darling! Especially since we were both inspired creatively ... while homeschooling our children! Wish you a most lovely weekend!

  4. Hi Tamera, love your look! Are those sheets over the sofas? If so, what size? And how do you tuck them so perfectly? XO, Allegra

    1. Allegra they are actually cotton drop cloths, also called painter's cloths. I buy the large ones at 15' X12', They are kept tight with plastic bars that are tucked into the the sides and back. thanks for asking!

  5. Tamera love this so much! What a beautiful home you have, I always love your styling ideas! I am going to use some of these. I hope you are having a good Memorial Day Weekend ! xo Kim

    1. Thank you ever so much darling for your encouraging words and visit darling! Happy weekend dear!! xox

  6. I always enjoy your seasonal switches. I wish I was as disciplined. The colours are so soft and relaxing and I love the air plant and shells. I just wish I could become a regular early riser, something I did so easily when working. It sounds so serene. These days I only get up at dawn if I'm in pain or I've had an exhausting dream - I must try harder because I think I'd enjoy the magic!

    1. I think getting up early is habit for me by now. My husband's job has him out the door by 5:15 every morning. When the kids were little ... those alone hours in the early morning ... kept me sane. Even now the early hours always seem to be imbued with the promise of a fresh start ... where anything is achievable!

  7. Your post is an inspiration. Absolutely beautiful.
    Lizer Pearl

    1. Why thank you ever so much dear for your kind words!!