10 Tips For Shopping A Flea Market In Style

 One of my favorite things to do on an early weekend morning
is going searching for treasures at flea and vintage markets

I've been doing it long enough that  I have some style and function tips that  have served me well!
I thought they would make for great
'Good Girlfriend Share'!

My best tip is to bring a rolling cart for all the treasures you find along the way.
Nothing can kill the thrill of the hunt
than having to lug purchase around when searching for  new treasures!

I found my years ago in a little shop in Beverly Hills
but I have seen several lovely versions online as well.

 My second tip is carrying 
a backpack instead of a purse.
This keeps my hands completely free while shopping
as well as keeping my money and camera safe and available.
Small purchase are also kept secure inside.

Another market shopping essential is
a sun hat.
Not only is this important for sun protection
but it cuts down on the glare while checking out the booths.

A great walking shoe is also an essential.
I found these fabulous Moroccon shoes that day!
This  shoe find absolutely made my day!!

Sunglasses, sunblock, water and hand wipes
are also things I always bring.
I keep them all in my backpack.
 I also  like to make sure I bring small bill for easy transactions.

Most times I wear a sun hat 
I also usually have a turban tucked in my bag as well.

Big sun hats can become quite obtrusive inside
 removing a hat after walking in the sun
inevitably ends with hat hair
so sliding on a turban is a perfect and quick  hair style solve!

I also always make sure to dress in layers.
Temperatures can change quite a bit after the brisk morning air.
I'm wearing my Saint James stripe under the tunic for
a little added morning warmth.

Lastly denim makes for a wonderful material for the hunt
because it doesn't show the dirt which usually is involved in some real searches.

My denim tunic is  from Urban Outfitter's last season
together with my new jeans from Zara 
make for a stylish and functional market outfit.

One of my favorite  vintage vendors in the Orange County area is always 
Home Sweet Home 1930
you can find them on Instagram HERE.
No matter the show
they  always have a set up so amazing
it always  has me wanting to take home everything!!

Just take a look at this camp inspired table setting.

Love the vintage towels as napkins
and the pendants as placeholders.
At this booth not only are there so many great pieces
but interior  styling inspiration as well!

And back to dressing
putting all my tips  together makes for a stylish and functional 
wardrobe ensemble for market shopping!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Replies
    1. Aww thank you so much darling! So appreciated!! xo

  2. Tamera - in every post you look like a gorgeous movie star....you are aren't you? Smile.

  3. You have such style! Love this post!

  4. Nicely styled!
    I've always thought your basket was from RG in CdM as they carried the same many years ago .. always makes me think of July 4th fun!
    You really have a gift for not just finding treasures, but incorporating the past into your present.
    It's truly an aesthetic gift to be able to layer so well!
    So amazing to my clean lined Scandinavian self. :)
    Miss you, friend.

    1. Aww thank you so much darling for your kind words! You have quite a styling gift yourself! I remember your styling at the Fourth of July and so many occasions when Sienna was young! Thank you so much for visiting my friend! xoxo

  5. These are great tips! I need to get one of those baskets and I can't believe that tunic came from UO. I always forget about them. I must check them out.

    1. Thank you very much Cindy! Yes, every once in a while I find a great piece at even Urban Outfitters!


  6. All great tips! You look so glamorous as you set out shopping for treasures. I particularly love your Moroccan shoes. A great find indeed!

    1. Jennifer thank you so much for visiting! Your blog is such a beauty as are you! My Moroccan shoes were such an exciting find, as I had left home that morning wishing I had a red pair ... to finish of my outfit. Lo and behold there they were ... only one pair ... and they fit me perfectly!

  7. Your red hat is beyond gorgeous, and you look stunning Tamera. The market is fabulous too and you have some great tips. Great post!!