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National Stripes Day

Thank you J Crew 
for making it 
National Stripes Day!

So glad to  know so many  others appreciate this beloved wardrobe staple!
To celebrate the day
I've gone back through my wardrobe archives
to pull some of my all time favorite stripe looks!

I love stripes no matter the season!
The key for transitioning a bold stripe with warmer pieces
make sure the stripe is of a heavier weight
to balance the weightier textures.

Stripes, brocade, leopard and faux fur can actually play beautifully together!

I often mix in a stripe as a graphic neutral
for  an added pop of color play.

Nothing like a classic Breton
to style  a whole look around!

I always enjoy some 'good ole' nautical stripe interplay!

Stripe with  white out always works
for  quick styling!

A knit stripe maxi makes for a perfect beach picnic ensemble!

Some maximum stripe interplay
with three bold stripe pieces!

Sometimes just a whisper of a stripe works too!

And sometimes bold is best!

Pearls and stripes 
always two of my favorites!!

I even love mixing horizontal and vertical stripes!

With as big of stripe love as I have
my collection felt like it was bursting at the seams!

I had pulled several pieces out of my closet
but couldn't quite pass them on
even though the pieces just didn't make me excited as they were.

Then it came to me!
Why don't I just take the three pieces of barely worn stripes
 turn them into a fabulous new piece!

And that's exactly what I did!

I made my new favorite stripe tunic
with the dramatic sleeves I had been searching for!

My very own ode to my 
big love of stripes!!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life

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  1. I love your blog so much. You are adorable and what clothes you have collected.
    I adore stripes and would love love to have a Mark Sikes Skirt ! OH LA LA
    Thank you for sharing sources here from time to time ! XO

  2. Thanks for some great ideas, I love stripes and this post's is inspirational for someone like me who wants to mix things up a bit but is light on ideas/courage!

  3. Ah, you are quite a clever sewist, Tamera! What a fantastic combination of stripe pieces, to make a new and very trendy tunic. Love your stripe retrospective, and have to give a special shout to the red stripes with the yellow jacket: Wow!!

  4. Love this post I appreciate the time it takes to complie it. Love stipes they are a staple in my wardrobe, and with an upcoming trip yo Sydney you have given me fine geat ideas thanks MaZ 😘💕

  5. Tamera, would you please tell me where your pretty macrame necklace is from?

    1. Rachel my necklace is from a lovely little boutique in San Diego ... Chateau Bel Age. they do not sell online, but they are fabulous about shipping phone orders. I believe the necklace was under $50 as well!

  6. This post showcases your extraordinary creativity. Every outfit with stripes shines. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous hat with Hat Attack.