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Stripe On Stripe For Spring

I have been scouring some online sites of late
to freshen up my wardrobe for spring.

Since I usually build my wardrobe over the long haul
I am always so reenergized and excited 
how a couple of recent  purchases can breath new life into 
my tried and true  wardrobe pieces!

could be a strong player in my wardrobe that is made up of mainly neutrals.

Here I have paired it with my classic Saint James  Breton tee
that I picked up in Paris.
I finished the outfit with a navy duster by Converse
I have had for years.

are the perfect accessory
to add a modern edge.

Of all accessory pieces
I think it is  always shoes that can modernize
my beloved classic pieces.

And speaking of accessories
headwear is always a player for me
to really finish off a look.

I chose a red beret for a pop of color punch.
Wanting a casual glam
I chose to leave my hair down
finish the look with an exceptionally dramatic tassel  earring of my own design.

Freshening up my wardrobe
to be  really excited about wearing an outfit
is always one of my favorite ways to 
Crown Myself!

Here's to a Spring of New Possibilities!!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. Wow, double stripes look fantastic and you've inspired me yet again. The hair is gorgeous too. xox


  2. hit it right out the park, Tamer! Very cool.

  3. I had to share this on my Pinterest board and with my FB friends...too good!


  4. Stunning indeed. Love those Zara pieces, and your red tassels are the business!

  5. Tip to toe perfection! And I love how you've styled your hair!

  6. Looks fabulous! Those striped pants are great - and wonderful paired with the Breton Tshirt and red beret. Best wishes, Pammie

  7. This is such an editorial look, love stripes on stripes and you accessorised it so perfectly with the red beret and statement earrings

  8. I'm loving this look on you. It is punchy, cheery, classic, and edgy all at the same time. This is really one of my favourites ever, I think! xx

  9. You Sassy adorable thing you! So happy, my friend, Contessa, Elizabeth had you on her page with her
    Contessa Pearls ~ gorgeous ~ such fun and thanks for the tips on where to buy ~ LOVE seersucker tOO~ xo