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Introducing Adrienne of the Rich Life in Wine Country ... for the ... Fierce 50 Campaign Launch

The Fierce 50 Campaign launches today
February 19th - the 50th day of the year!
50 women bloggers over 50  are coming together
 to introduce and celebrate each other on their blogs!

The Fierce 50 Campaign
 is the brain child of 
Catherine Grace O'Connel
who wants to help redefine the cultural perception of what it means to be 50!
Whether it is showing brands our demographic is fierce and fabulous
(and  by the way, the most affluent)
bringing women together to honor and support each other.
Catherine's   excitement about this time in life is truly infectious!

"The intention behind The Fierce 50 Movement is to support the ongoing Campaigns with the women of The Fierce 50. We are coming together to create a collaborative community and to show the world that we are only just beginning. We are intending to shift a paradigm and a perception of women at midlife and beyond by coming together as one. 
If you'd like to read more about the campaign you may go HERE

For those of you who are regular readers of my blog
you know already  I am all about the message of celebrating ourselves
Pro Aging!

  Whether it's by learning to 
 refining personal style,
 home and garden, 
 just finding beauty in the daily ..
It's all about making moments count in life 
celebrating these midlife chapters!

 So when I heard about  the  Fierce 50 Campaign ... I knew I just had to be a part! 

I believe it's so important to find the absolute best in every age
as much for ourselves
as for those coming up behind us!
We all need to work together to help redefine 
the cultural view of aging!

I will always owe a great deal of gratitude to
It was he who introduced to me, through his blog
the likes of

I found these incredible women as my nest began to empty.
At the time I had no idea of who I was any more aside from a full time mother
I had even less idea what I wanted to do next.
I was truly lost of self.

Before children I had designed for  my own successful  Fashion Accessory company.
But fast forward 20 years of being a Mom
I thought I would be irrelevant in fashion because of my age.
That is, until I found these incredible women.
They truly changed my life
inspired me to champion my latest chapters as a designer!
They along with so many other fierce and inspiring women
have me truly grateful and excited to be in these life chapters now!

This  is why I think 
The Fierce 50 Campaign is so vitally important.
We all need to be inspired to live our absolute best lives
no matter our age or interests.
So we too,
can be a beacon of light and inspiration for those 
who are following behind us.
The ripple effect can be tremendous!

Today, on the launch of the 
  Fierce 50 Campaign
over 50 bloggers are introducing another blogger
who was chosen for them in their  blog post.
I have the honor and privilege of introducing
not only one of my favorite bloggers
but a dear friend as well!

Adrienne Shubin of the fabulous
Rich Life In Wine Country!
Her blog is wildly successful with views passing 7 million and counting!

Adrienne is a newbie to the Fierce 50 group
as she is turning 50 this year!
How great is it to be turning 50 and joining such a fierce group of women!
Happiest of all that  50  has to offer Adrienne!

I have been friends with the gorgeous Adrienne now for years
all because of blogging!

I was a faithful reader of hers for a couple of years
when I read on her blog she was coming down from wine country
to Southern California where I live.

I remember being so nervous to ask her
if she and her husband would like to come to dinner at my house!
But I convinced myself to take a chance and reach out
"nothing ventured, nothing gained"

I am ever so grateful I did! Adrienne is as warm as she is beautiful!
She and I have gotten together so many times since then!
Whether it be for blogging purposes
or simply as friends
it's always a wonderful  and inspiring time with Adrienne!

From left to right - Northern Cal Style,  Style Mind Chic, The Rich Life In Wine Country, Tamera Beardsley, A Well Style Life 

It was Adrienne of
who organized and spear headed 
Bloggers In Napa!

What a heartwarming and beautiful trip that was!!

Fantastic Fierce 50 women!

Adrienne's lifestyle blog 
is literally  all things Wine Country
a celebration in living a beautiful life!

She covers all of her favorite things in Wine Country!
From travel, shopping, style, food and wine
All shown with beautiful photography
the knowledge of a true Wine Country local!

Adrienne is also a certified tourism official of Sonoma County
as well as a freelance writer!

She is the wife of a Fire Chief,
mother to 3 adult stepchildren and four dogs.

Reading Adrienne's blog expect to see all that makes wine country
such a magnificent and romantic destination!

You will see behind the scenes of  so many wineries as well.
And Adrienne always seems to have a first class ticket into all of
Wine Country's best events!

When our group was in Napa
she arrange for us to tour the spectacular
even meet the wine maker!

One of the things that has always inspired me about Adrienne
is her devotion and love she has for her husband.

It was actually reading Adrienne's blog years ago
that inspired my Friday night dates with my husband!
At the time I was just coming out of
being highly entrenched in raising teenagers
(as in perhaps over invested in my children and neglecting my husband).
 I remember saying to myself
Wow! I want to have a great relationship with my husband too!
Changing perspectives on your life
can have magnificent and powerful impacts on your life.

In the same way that sometimes being lost and broken hearted
can sometimes open you up
to new possibilities in life ...
if you really listen to your heart.

These days, I not only have a great relationship once again with my husband
but we are friends with the couple that inspired me to change!
Blogs and blogging can be wonderful catalysts during life transitions!

And do Adrienne and I have fabulous photographers or what!!

Another trait of Adrienne's that I really appreciate
is her fierce support of small  businesses!
On her blog
The Rich Life In Wine Country
she showcases many beauty, clothing and accessory businesses.

In addition to highlighting Wine Country lifestyles
Adrienne also represents various brands beautifully.

Adrienne is also a gorgeous Brand Ambassador for
a woman  owned clothing company
that always  highlights Fierce 50 in her designs
It's a wonderful women's  brand that I have worn often!

Adrienne also has a monthly link up feature
on her blog
along with Jill of
Everything Just So
How I Wear My
which has a different topic each month for bloggers to send in their photos of the monthly topic.
This month was 
How I Wear The Color Blue.

If you want to participate  next month you can go HERE
for all the details!

Thank you for letting me introduce my friend and fellow
Fierce 50 member
Adrienne Shubin of 

Adding her to your visited blogs will surely leave you yearning to add 
more beauty to your life!
Maybe even adding a trip to wine country to your travel plans!

P.S. ~ Following Adrienne on Instagram
means you will be greeted each morning
with a stunning image from Wine Country
as well as seeing her  other beautiful images 
and travels!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life

Linking with
Not Dead Yet Style

If you have enjoyed reading this blog post and learning more about The Fierce 50 Campaign, please visit this page HERE  to see an archive where you will find  pictures of each of the women that are participating in The Fierce 50 along with their blog posts and links!

 If you or someone you know is interested in either joining or supporting the movement, please contact for more information. We have lots more planned for this year and beyond so, stay tuned everyone. 

Catherine also has an interview with Hannah Storm, a sports journalist who is a great example of a 

'self empowered woman at mid life'
You can read Catherine's inspiring interview HERE
Hannah Storm's components to success ...
Believing in yourself, gratitude, service and finding a mentor
are all ideas I can get behind!!

Links to blogs participating in the 

Fierce 50


  1. Wow! I am so honored you have written about me...whenever I am feeling low, I will be sure to come back to this page.
    Turning 50 this year is exciting! This campaign and being paired with you are both special gifts I treasure. Thank you for all the kind words. Lots of love to you, my dear friend. xoxo, A

    1. You are so welcome my dear! Writing about you and your blog ... a truly joyful experience!! Definitely makes me want to plan another trip up to your Wine Country ... and see you again darling!! Huge congrats about being ushered into the Fierce 50! It's the best time ever ... to be 50!! Much love to you my friend!! xoxo

  2. What a wonderful article, Tamera - so full of grace, as both you and Adrienne are! Go forward, Fierce 50. xox


    1. Thank you ever so much darling! I always so appreciate your visits!! I can't wait to get over to your blog and read more about you ... and your Fierce 50 partner!! xox

  3. Such a wonderful campaign! I'm turning fifty in a few years, and you all inspire me so much!

    I enjoy reading all the posts, and I especially loved reading your and Adrienne's posts. It's wonderful to see two bloggers who met through blogging become such good friends.

    1. Thank you so much Andrea for your kind words! And yes, for me one of blogging greatest gifts has been the connections I've made ... especially the ones that turn into enduring friendships! Thank you for visiting darling!!

  4. This Fierce 50 Campaign has been special for all of us because it's given us the opportunity to network and get to know one another. Thanks for filling us in about Adrienne! I've seen her on Instagram and some of her blog posts, but I feel as though I know her better. Brenda