Cozy Creams

We actually had a cold spell here in Southern California 
this last week
so styling a cozy warm outfit was on tap for sure!

I pulled together some of my favorite neutral pieces 
to set off my brand new boots!

These cream leather boots are what 
fashion find dreams are made of!

I was walking through Target with my daughter
there they were ...
all by their lonesome.
I had been looking for cream boots all season ...
I had no idea I would find them at Target for $15!!
One of my favorite fashion scores ever!

An angora beret literally topped off my outfit
my giant pearls
(which will soon be coming to my shop)
 completed my cozy cream  look!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Oh those boots! And the pearls and all of the beauty around you. thanks for linking, xox


    1. Thank you dear Patti! And thanks again for your lovely link up!!

  2. TAMERA As always you look amazing! When will the pearls be available and will you ship to Canada Thanks Eleanore

    1. Eleanore thank you for your kind words!

      The pearls should be in the shop in the next couple of weeks, and yes, we can ship to Canada! Thank you for asking!

  3. A fabulous outfit for a chilly day - what stylish boots and that vest is adorable! Everything is beautiful and love those giant pearls. xo

  4. Those boots are amazing - and $15?! Steal of the century. Love the lux cream neutrals!


  5. ooohhhh! You look amazing! Creamy colors are perfect on you. I may be on my way to target! Happy day Tamera and everyone!

  6. Only you can do warm and snug so glam, Tamara! I like how you've still kept to creamy neutrals on a cold day, I love that longline jumper ... and oh those boots! And what an incredible bargain they were.

  7. You wear cream like no one else; it just goes so well with your hair and pearls. These images are all so beautiful, as are you. xx

  8. Over the years you have inspired me to wear cream and neutrals, which you do so well. The boots are amazing! They are the star of the ensemble. Thank you so much for sharing your angora beret and your beauty with Hat Attack!

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