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Time For A Bit Of Pink

It's that time of year when
I have a hunger for some pink in my life!

I'm sure it has a lot to do with celebrating my darling daughter's mid January birthday
for the last 25 years
when more often than not it was always pink themed.

And then there is Valentine's Day
just around the corner
which always comes to Southern California
with a whisper of spring!

 I always edit my home of almost all color
after the Christmas holidays
 to have a refreshing January palette
so adding in a little pink can go a long way in  my neutral spaces!

This new lovely pink coffee mug  is from Anthropologie.
I bought just one to use during my
 morning ritual of 
coffee, candles, fresh flowers and gratitude 
before sunrise.
(I still love the ritual on mornings that are past sunrise)
What joy a new  mug can bring on a daily basis.

This quiet contemplative ritual
is one of my very favorite parts of my day.
Everything is so quiet and calm
with all the promise of a brand new day.

For me getting up early
to take the time just to enjoy my surroundings
focus on all that I have to be thankful for
is an empowering and self affirming start to the day.

Over the last few yearsI have spent much time
 getting my mind to focus on the good in life
to let go of what  I can't control or effect.

Yes, a lot of what I am saying
has  to do with letting go of my children
happily reminding myself
they now have lives of their own
and that
I have much to do in taking care of my own life.

Adding in new little bits of seasonal beauty
is another way we can
Crown Ourselves
with self care.

Taking time to beautify our surroundings
in even the smallest of ways
is a visual form in self respect.

An easy way to lift our spirits.
I get out of bed with a bit more bounce in my step
knowing I have a beautiful spot to begin my day!

For the dining room centerpiece
I have simply added in a tall vase of pinks.
I have been so happy with the neutral structure
of this centerpiece
it has been evolving seasonally since it's fall inception.

I get so much enjoyment from seasonal fluffing
I have been able to make the very most 
with my time and money in that regard.
These flowers for instance were a bargain from Trader Joe's
that went simply into a galvanized floral bucket.
This simple arrangement has lasted almost three weeks!

I added some pink into my succulent orb.
A little more work than the flowers
but I do love the bit of pink used  in an unusual format.

I added some pink tulips to my bed table upstairs.
Right now tulips are on the top of my list 
for favorite seasonal flowers!
I love to buy them tiny and tight
watch them grow over the course of a few days.
After their full bloom
they take on some beautiful wild draping.
This bouquet lasted well over two weeks!

My favorite project recently has been changing out this stairway wall.
The whole 22 years we have been in our little house
this wall has had pictures of our children.
Most all of them when they were small.

One day I realized 
walking by them only made me sad
like it was a shrine to a life that was no more
as they had all flown and grown
(and they hadn't been that small for a decade when they were here)
So I took them all down
moving some to a smaller wall leading into my bedroom.
Packing away others.

I can't tell you how great that felt!
It was a visual reminder 
that new chapters are happening.
I have not been left behind
but rather I am ushering in exciting new chapters of my life.

I don't need pictures up of my children when they were little.
They are no longer those people
I absolutely love the adults they have become.

Growing my new collection of art work 
reminds me daily
of the beautiful opportunities 
life still has to bring.

May I leave you with the idea that
our personal spaces are an important aspect of self care
learning to Crown Ourselves.
Taking time for beauty
even if it is a single flower
can be a visual 
reminder of our own personal worth.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. I may be now far, but I hear your voice of wisdom clearly.
    Much love and so appreciative of this post.
    - Denise

    1. Hello darling. I can hear your words ... between the lines. Hang in there ... it's a hard journey ... but it does get better eventually. Much love to you my dear friend. xoxo

  2. Interesting that you've taken your photo wall down. When I moved into my new place in September, I've relegated the shelves in my closet for my photos. Like you moving on after your children have left, I've been finding ways to move on after the death of my husband a few years ago. Not having a house full of photos everywhere I look has been helpful for me. Actually I've been thinking about doing a blog about that. I'm also creating spaces with neutrals and pops of color. So fresh and inviting! xoxox, Brenda

  3. It was hard to say good bye to the xmas deco but I long already for the spring flowers. As my
    beloved tulips has just arrived the shops I bougth a big bunch of withe ones. Oh wow... how they
    changed the atmospehre. I like very much your daily morning routine...I believe it's very important
    for the soul and better understanding of life problems. It seems you didn't really get over the
    move from your kids yet and this contemplation will definitely help you.

  4. Hi Tamera!

    Don't you LOVE the size and feel of that mug? I gifted the very same one to our daughter-in-law-to be filled with bills to buy something when she and Jay returned to Boise. (Gifts must be able to fit into a suitcase.) When I held it before wrapping I had second thoughts about acquiring another for me.

    We too, took our stairway photo wall down about a year after the nest emptied. When the kids would come for a visit, I was always a little sad when they left.

    . . . but I have the best news for you. When the "Grands" visit the lost joy returns. We raised our children in the same house. Never moved. My granddaughter Holland at age 2 1/2 began realizing that her mother grew up here. She has completely adopted her old room, she calls it "her" room. I style it for her visits. She literally enters the house to see what changes may have occurred in her room. The kids feel the magic and the embrace history. Holland is now 5, and she has a brother 3 and a little sister 16 mos.

    Your amazing and inspiring home will become the most enchanted place in their eyes. I can already feel the magic from here!

  5. I totally understand how something as simple as a new coffee mug can elevate a morning ritual. We have had fancy white and silver ones since we got married, but I felt like I needed something cosier. I bought a set of four Japanese rustic green ceramic ones, and I just love them!

    Like you, I have a big RESET once the holidays are behind us. I can't function without flowers in the house, and I change the colour scheme every few weeks so my eyes don't used to the surprise that they offer.

    I want to copy your air plant centrepiece. It is AMAZING how well that has transitioned through so many holidays and themes, and really holds its own. So versatile! My son would love it... he (only 4) notices every single detail.

    Love to you xx