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Trending Picks

In my younger years
I almost prided myself in not following trends.

But now at my age of 57
I think it's important as a designer
to be aware of fashion trends
to remain visually relevant.
Plus at my age
it's fun to try new ideas!

But , that said
I am also very particular in choosing trends
that work for me personally.
I want to incorporate just a few trends into my wardrobe
to freshen up pieces I already own.

I never want to add new trends
that don't speak to me or my lifestyle.

This fall I decided to add a pair of trendy mod ankle boots to my 
neutral wardrobe base.

I found these at Zara last week
for a price that made it easy to try out 
a new style.

I added the boots to a trending piece I already owned from Zara last year
wide legged cropped pants.

Since I collect wardrobe neutrals
it was easy to shop my closet for ensemble
finishing pieces

Like this new shawl wrap I picked up at Target recently.
Here in Southern California 
wraps are particularly useful since
we  rarely have real coat weather.

I also just love the easy drama and finish
 a wrap
 can add to about any outfit.

I am also a firm believer in collecting accessories
in color groups as well.
That way it's a continual mix and match of pieces
for different occasions.

If you follow me on Instagram
you have seen these new glasses
that I found in a charming vintage store in Orange.

When piling on the accessories
I always make sure to keep my hair
pulled back .

I have a DIY for this hair style HERE

What ways are you freshening up your fall wardrobe this season?

I'd love to hear!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Tamera-You ALWAYS look fabulous!!

  2. Love the glasses from the Circle! Your employ of my shadow friend photo technique in several posts, is quite flattering. It adds an interesting dimension. I like your view of trending pieces as you've always been a good manager of traditional, vintage, trend and ingenue! Much love ensconced in cream!

  3. Love the boots, love the glasses! I really enjoy when you talk about fashion, Tamera. You're looking so great in these pics!

  4. You always look beautiful and I love your style. We have the about the same length hair. Just saw your link to tips on how to do your beautiful chignon. Great ideas...

  5. Love those pants. I'm having a tough time getting used to those boots. I must say I've never been a boot person. Always looking good lady.