Del Coronado Anniversary … and What I Wore

Last week Jeff and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary
at the
 Del Coronado
 in San Diego!

This year
maybe because we have just done our daughter Ellis's wedding
maybe because Jeff and I are now truly empty nesters
I have such reverence for our nearly 3 decades together.

As with most couples who have been married for decades
we have have had good times and hard times.

Jeff has seen me through the death of my sister
my personal bought with cancer
business ups and downs
together we have raised three remarkable adults.

These rings have been with us the whole time
now they are even more beautiful to me
as a symbol of our togetherness.

Designed to represent two people coming together as one
but still
able to remain individuals
they symbolize our relationship beautifully.

After not really celebrating our anniversary big
for years
while we were so busy with kids
this was the perfect year to take time away
celebrate our 29 years of being a married couple.

For our trip to the iconic Del Coronado
I packed a wardrobe of greys and whites.

Picking a color palette 
having an idea of occasion and plans
 makes packing so much more easy and successful for me.

I knew I would be getting plenty of use out of my new
J Crew Toothpick jeans
 I picked up in Malibu
on our impromptu getaway!
For me
white jeans are a year round staple
here in Southern California!

We had a lovely suite room with a lovely courtyard view.
But I couldn't wait to hit the beach!

Because I heard they had cabanas to rent!

The queen size cabanas were one of the trip highlights for me!
With a moveable canopy for shade
it felt like having your very own room on the beach!

This was our wonderful view for the afternoon!
The cabanas come with food and drink service as well!
Which all  made for a perfect anniversary celebration!

My caftan from
Soft Surroundings
was a perfect piece for the occasion!

It workedt as a swimsuit coverup
as well 
as  comfortable loungewear.

My extra large French Market bag
from Juxtiposition Home
meant I had everything I needed for an afternoon on the beach!

One of my favorite things about Soft Surrounding caftans
(also seen HERE)
is not only that they come in different lengths
(I always have a hard time finding pieces that are long enough)
but they also sell cotton knit  slips for underneath!
Something up until now
I found almost impossible to find!

My throw from IKEA always makes the perfect beach wrap!

As the sun set
it was time for dinner at the Del.

Sunsets at the Del are remarkable!

But even better than dinner and the sunset
was the fire pit we rented to do smores!
Since some of our kids live in San Diego
it was a  perfect impromptu get together!

Besides renting a full serviced fire pit
you can also order all the makings for smores
as well as beer or wine 
right there on the beach!

As someone who entertains often
the sheer ease of just having to show up
have everything set up 
 brought to you
was worth every penny!

More time to savor and enjoy time with
some of my very favorite people in the world!

Mornings many times on our Southern California beaches
can be foggy.

So I knew my second
would be perfect for a morning beach stroll and coffee!.

This maxi dress which is really just one
 dress length
kangaroo pocket sweatshirt
made for a cozy morning in the chilly air.

I paired in with my faux fur 'stole' from 
Restoration Hardware last winter season.

I always appreciate bringing along a tote for beach walks 
so I done't have to carry my shoes
fret about my phone.
And I always have a hat 
for protection
in case the sun does come out!

It was such a beautiful memorable weekend.
I have just as much appreciation for the foggy greys
as I do the blue skies
at the beach.

 I think so much of living a beautiful life
is learning to recognize the beauty
that is right before us
rather than yearning for what we think we want.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life

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