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Denim On Denim

I have been working lately on finding some more
daily uniforms.

You know the ones  
that you can pull out of your closet
  (or in my case sometimes
off my floor)
without a lot of thought
know you can pull an outfit together in a flash.

Pulling together different accessories 
to change it up each time!

Loving accessories like I do
these base 'uniform' outfits
are always a favorite of mine!
Where a hat, sunglasses, bag, shoes and jewelry
all have a nice background to play on.

This denim tunic from last  spring season at Urban Outfitters
added to cropped jeans 
is just the uniform ticket I have been looking for!

To look pulled together in a flash
it's as simple as grabbing and accessories and going out 
the door!
Tucking my hair under a hat
always ensures a quick and finished look!

To add a little style freshness I fringed my jeans!!
This perfectly vibes with the rough edge of the tunic!
It's little details like these that can be simple style updates.
At my age I enjoy now  thowing g in a little trend with basic separates.

I found this fun fringe detail on 
Glenda of 

If you go HERE to her blog
you can find the 
Rachel Zoe Style
DIY video for fringing your own jeans!
And it couldn't be easier!
And they are So fun to wear!

Let me know if you fringe yours
I'd love to see them!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I see you, Tamera! Thanks for the shout out. I'm glad you enjoyed the fringed jeans and decided to make your own. Lookin good!

  2. It is a perfect outfit and very inspiring too. I love your hat – where did that come from?
    Vancouver Barbara

  3. OMG!!! You look amazing. Then again everything you model looks incredible.

  4. :-) What a difference in outfit to what you usually wear.
    You look beautiful, Tamera! Jeans suit you excellently.
    Have a very HAPPY day :-)

  5. Actually you can wear everything but this outfit looks great on you.